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Hemp oil, natural hempress — a new cosmetic ingredient

Posted on September 1, 1998

Despite the fact that the more recent variants of the hemp plant have been used for narcotic purposes, research has indicated that the plant may have other uses. New seed variants have been developed which have a very low content of the narcotic agent Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the plant matter from these is being put to a wide variety of uses from the manufacture of high quality paper to cloth suitable for tailoring.

Production of Natural Hempress starts with the selection of seed from one of the high quality variants approved for use under EEC legislation. The seed is then extracted using a modern state-of-the-art expeller type cold pressing facility. The temperature in the plant does not exceed 50°C during the extraction process ensuring that the nutrient value is optimized. Finally, to bring the oil up to cosmetic standards, the first pressings are refined and winterized enabling the oil to be used in both clear and emulsion applications. The processing controls applied ensure that the Natural Hempress brand is a guarantee of quality for food and personal care applications.

Natural Hempress is a rich source of many of the fatty acids the skin uses and is particularly suitable for dry skin applications. Because of these features, the oil is an ideal ingredient for light body oils, and lipid enriched creams, lotions and soaps. Early research has shown that it has a direct benefit when applied in 100% pure form to dry skin but typical concentrations in o/w emulsions may range from 1% to 10% with the higher concentration giving the greater benefit. Although skin testing and formulation trials are still ongoing, a great deal of interest has already been generated by many natural product retailers.

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