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Posted on December 1, 1998

Our tester pastures mares and foals. To accustom the new babies to being handled and lightly groomed, she totes a bucket of grooming tools to the pasture to work on the youngsters. She was delighted with the convenience offered by this 100-percent hempwoven grooming tote.

This tote folds up into a neat, easy-to-carry package even when filled with various combs, brushes, hoof picks, currycombs, and a bottle of fly spray. It hangs over a fence rail, is heavy enough (even empty) to stay in place, and allows easy access to all grooming tools without requiring the user to bend over. Our tester appreciated this feature, as she needed to keep an eye on several active (and nearby) foals while reaching for her grooming supplies.

The tote’s eight pockets are generously sized and adequately fit everything our tester crammed into them. She did have one suggestion: She’d like the manufacturer to attach Velcro™ (hook-and-loop fastener) patches on top of each pocket. This way, small items will remain in place while the tote is being folded and carried.

However, our tester discovered an added benefit: Since the tote is basically a piece of cloth that bears no resemblance to a bucket, she wasn’t mobbed by horses, which often crowd together to inspect any bucket for grain.

Holiday gift idea: Fill the totes with commonly used grooming items and give them to your horse buddies.

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