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Posted on March 10, 2000

Warren Bryson, The Christchurch Press Company Limited

Canterbury, New Zealand — Sir—It is obvious from the success of marijuana growing that hemp crops will also grow very well. European countries allow hemp farming and companies make profits yet their climatic conditions are often not suitable for hemp farming. Our climate is great, so yields would be significantly higher, therefore harvesting/processing costs would be cheaper.

Hemp grown for seed would yield approximately 1000 kilos per hectare. The machinery exists or can be adapted to plant, harvest, and separate the seed, cost effectively.

At $3 per kilo a farmer could make a gross profit of $60,000 from 20 hectares.

Hemp seed can be eaten raw or toasted and processed into a wide variety of foods. I have eaten 100 per cent hemp ice cream, cheese, and milk and it is the most beautiful nutritious food I have tasted.

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