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Illinois Drug Education Alliance Letter

Posted on March 21, 2000

Dear Representative Tenhouse,
The Illinois Drug Education Alliance (IDEA) continues to oppose SB 1397. The hemp movement was started by the pro-drug culture and is more a means of legalizing marijuana than identifying an alternative agricultural crop. “Legal and financial recognition of hemp’s industrial value will mean legal marijuana, whether our government likes it or not! POT WILL BE LEGAL!” (High Times Magazine, March 1990)

IDEA believes that no member of the Illinois House favors legalizing marijuana, however, the movements to legalize industrial hemp and marijuana cannot be separated. In an attempt to prove this point, IDEA is providing you with the current issue of High Times magazine. It is not our intent to offend anyone with this material, but in order to understand the issue and the drug culture, you need to see this. Pages to note are:

  • Hashish of extraordinary potency (68%) can be made from low level THC plants. (Page 52)
  • Richard Rose “has watched the hemp industry take its infant steps, but sees some warning signs posted ahead. The biggest danger? Pretending any longer that pot and hemp are different.” (Page 80)
  • “420” has become a widely recognized code for smoking marijuana. It refers to 4:20 p.m. and April 20th (4/20). (Page 88)

There is no real market for hemp. Canadian farmers gutted the market with 35,000 acres. Consolidated Growers and Processors promised a Canadian farming community two hemp-processing plants, acres of hemp, new jobs and economic growth and then declared bankruptcy. The THC in foodstuffs has been shown to present health risks, according to a Health Canada study. THC has not been approved by the FDA. Hemp and marijuana look alike and can only be distinguished by chemical analysis. The European Commission is cracking down on European Union farmers who claim subsidies for planting hemp but plant marijuana and are getting away with defrauding the government.

Growing hemp will lead to increased drug use, just what the pro-drug culture is hoping for. “…the way to legalize marijuana is to sell marijuana legally. When you can buy marijuana in your neighborhood shopping mall, IT’S LEGAL!”

Joyce Lohrentz, President
Judy Kreamer, Past President

The solution to any problem begins with an IDEA.

Copyright © 2000, Illinois Drug Education Alliance. All rights reserved.

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