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Nelson trial sought for hemp growing

Posted on March 24, 2000

By New Zealand Press Association

Nelson, New Zealand – Industrial hemp advocates want to be growing trial crops in the Nelson region by October, and see no reason why it is not possible.

This was the message given to Customs Minister and Associate Minister of Economic Development Phillida Bunkle at a meeting in Motueka on Wednesday night.

About 70 people heard local advocates and New Zealand Hemp Industries Association chief executive Mac Macintosh urge the growing of hemp in the Nelson region.

Ms Bunkle said that while the Customs Ministry realised there were risks involved in growing industrial hemp, she reaffirmed her support for a working party on the issue.

She said it was definitely worth investigating but added there were wider serious community concerns that needed to be dealt with, and it was important to evaluate information from overseas where hemp was growing under controls.

Hemp is used to extract fibres for use in the textile, paper and other industries.

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