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Other states addressing legalization of industrial hemp

Posted on March 28, 2000

By Allison Haley, Kentucky Gazette

Frankfort, Kentucky — As the Battle to legalize hemp flounders in the commonwealth, other states also are considering and passing legislation that will legalize the crop in one form or another.

ARKANSAS: Passed a resolution in October of last year to allow research on industrial hemp at the university of Arkansas.

HAWAII: Currently has industrial hemp crops growing for research purposes.

INDIANA: Has been growing for research purposes, with a federal permit, for 15 years.

ILLINOIS: A bill to approve industrial hemp research has passed the state Senate 49-9 and passed the House agriculture committee March 22 by a vote of 11-4.

MARYLAND: A bill has been filed this year in the House of Representatives to approve industrial hemp research.

MINNESOTA: Passed legislation last June allowing industrial hemp growth by “any state resident.”

MONTANA: Has passed a resolution to repeal federal restrictions on industrial hemp.

NEBRASKA: A bill has been introduced this session in the legislature to allow industrial hemp research.

NORTH DAKOTA: The first state to legalize industrial hemp on April 17, 1999. After signing the legislation, North Dakota Gov. Schafer said, “Any person in this state may plant, grow, harvest, possess, process, sell and buy industrial hemp.”

VIRGINIA: Has passed a bill to allow industrial hemp experimentation.

CANADA: Began hemp production for research purposes six years ago and for commercial purposes two years ago.

“In my opinion, I don’t believe that growing hemp in itself has made any significant increase in drug problems,” said Paul Henry, detective sergeant of the Ontario Provincial Police drug enforcement unit, in a written statement.

Regulations in Canada for hemp growers include: being licensed, using only certified seed, growing at least 10 acres and putting satellite coordinates of the hemp crop on the license.

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