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Hemp enthusiasts may form group

Posted on April 11, 2000

By The Nelson Mail

Nelson, New Zealand — Hemp enthusiasts will meet in Motueka tonight to decide whether to form an official group.

Motueka Employment and Small Business Centre worker Pat O’Shea said the decision to gather together people interested in the commercial future of hemp was made at a local meeting attended by Customs Minister Phillida Bunkle.

Ms O’Shea said the formation of a hemp group was up to those who attended tonight’s meeting.

She said such a group could disseminate national information to the community and lobby the Government.

“Basically it is a group that would pull together the interest that is in the region.”

While people in the top of the south had shown a strong interest in hemp, no one belonged to the national Hemp Industries Association.

“The same people keep coming to meetings but we’ve had no formal structure to keep people up with what’s happening.”

Tonight’s meeting is to be held at the Tasman District Council meeting room from 7.30pm.

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