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Hemp war

Posted on May 1, 2000

By Cynthia Thielen, US News

News & Views

I applaud you for pinpointing the implications of White House drug czar Barry McCaffrey’s March 5 letter to US Customs and the Drug Enforcement Administration relating to industrial hemp regulation in the article titled “Shampoo High” (Washington Whispers, March 27). As primary sponsor of the legislation that established the Hawaii Industrial Hemp Research Project (HIHRP), I can tell you that the “trade war” is underway. The Customs Service is not happy about McCaffrey’s directive to seize and test hemp products. McCaffrey’s war on non-hallucinogenic industrial hemp is of great concern to Hawaii, since our HIHRP is developing a seed variety appropriate for growth within US latitudes. Major Hawaiian agricultural corporations want to add hemp as an intercycle crop, and some expect it to replace sugar as one of our state’s central crops. I believe a trade war is avoidable and would like to see a more in-depth article about the industrial hemp market, states’ action to allow farmers to grow, and the consequences of Barry McCaffrey’s misguided opposition to this nonhallucinogenic crop.

Cynthia Thielen
Assistant Minority Floor Leader 49th District Honolulu, Hawaii

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