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The Hemp Commerce & Farming Report Moves to Regina

Posted on May 8, 2000

By The Hemp Commerce & Farming Report (HCFR)

Regina, Saskatchewan — The Hemp Commerce & Farming Report (HCFR) has moved its office to Regina, Saskatchewan. This relocation places the Internet trade journal in the heart of Canada’s most important agricultural region.

“Some of the best opportunities for industrial hemp in Canada are out here in the West,” says Arthur Hanks, Editor and Publisher. “The HCFR is looking forward to establishing closer relationships with Prairie producers, processors and marketers, beginning with the Saskatchewan Hemp Association.”

“The SHA is a forward-thinking grower’s organisation that has taken root in the province,” says Duane Phillipi, President, SHA. “We see Saskatchewan as playing a leading role in the development of the hemp industry in Canada and North America. The relocation of the HCFR to Regina will assist Saskatchewan farmers, processors and government in achieving this goal.”

The SHA has 50 farmer members signed up to date and expect more to join up for the benefits and discounts the Association is offering on Health Canada’s required field sampling and laboratory THC testing of industrial hemp. In 1999, almost 5000 acres of hemp were planted in the province. Even with current market uncertainties, the SHA estimates that seeded acreages this year will be close to 1999’s figures.

The HCFR is a free electronic publication dedicated to the advancement and development of North America’s new industrial hemp industry. Published 10 times a year and available only online, each issue of the HCFR provides topical, well-researched and well-crafted information to participants in this growing industry.

The HCFR was started up in May 1999 by former staff of Vancouver’s defunct Commercial Hemp magazine. In its first year of publishing, the HCFR doubled its subscriber base to over 1,500. Advertising revenue for this industry supported trade journal was a promising $7,000 over the year.

“We have done a lot of good work with a small and appropriate amount of support over the past year,” says Hanks. “The Internet is a new media for many of our readers and supporters, but it allows us to get the word out in ways that were impossible with print publishing. That being said, we are exploring a return to print when it is feasible.”

The next issue of the HCFR (#11) will be posted on the World Wide Web by May 28th 2000; advertising and submission deadline is May 19th, 2000.

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