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Former governor offers aid to Woody Harrelson in hemp bust

Posted on June 3, 2000

Lexington, Kentucky — Former governor Louie Nunn says he has neither met Woody Harrelson nor seen any of his films. But the former Republican governor likes the actor’s stand on hemp, and has offered to help represent Harrelson at his Aug. 24 trial for planting four hemp seeds in a Lee County field four years ago. Harrelson, 38, is charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Nunn won’t charge for his services.

“I feel this is a way to disseminate information on industrial hemp because of the personalities involved,” Nunn said.

The case began as a challenge to a Kentucky law that makes no distinction between marijuana and hemp, which contains only minute amounts of the substance that makes marijuana smokers high, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Prosecutors said Harrelson rejected a plea deal to serve a month in jail or stay away from hemp and marijuana in Kentucky for a year.

“I feel comfortable putting my fate in the hands of the people of Kentucky, believing six of my peers will see the absurdity of this law and refuse to send me to jail,” Harrelson said in a statement.

Harrelson, best known as hayseed bartender Woody Boyd from the former NBC sitcom Cheers, has invested in a hemp clothing company and touts its potential for saving old-growth trees.

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