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Probe launched into “cannabis” label children’s drink

Posted on June 29, 2000

By Ananova Ltd

An investigation has been launched in Wales into a soft drink called Cannabis that has been given out free to a group of schoolchildren.

The canned lemonade drink, imported from Switzerland, was given to more than 200 children from schools in Aberystwyth attending the opening of a local cycle network.

A spokeswoman for the British Soft Drink Association said that an immediate investigation would be launched into the drink.

Christine Milburn said: “We certainly do not support anything that gives a positive image to drugs. We will be investigating this drink, look at its labelling and find out where exactly it is coming from.”

“And we intend to work closely with trading standards officers and the Portman Group.”

Owen Watkins, chief executive of Ceredigion County Council, ordered the drink off the shelves of a leisure centre’s cafe when he realised what it was called.

He said that, from the wording on the can, it claimed to be made from hemp resin.

Mr Watkins said the council had asked staff at the Plascrug Leisure Centre cafe, which is privately run and independent of the council, to provide refreshments for the cycling event, but was “shocked” by what they were given.

He said: “We had asked for soft drinks to be supplied for the event. When I got the call to say that the drink was called Cannabis I ordered them to be taken away immediately.”

“We have very strong views on dealing with drugs especially in schools. It is completely unacceptable to give children a drink called Cannabis.”

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