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Vote Hemp

Posted on June 5, 2000

Vote Hemp wants you to register to vote now!

By Vote Hemp

A 63 year old lie that destroyed 50% of the world’s forests is now threatening the rest. The world’s largest paper companies are now pulping the rain forests in developing nations.

Industrial hemp is the most important environmental and social justice issue in the world today since its integration into modern industrial society affects almost every environmental and social justice concern. It will not only help halt deforestation, but will also develop localized rural economies and create value-added jobs, while spawning an entire entrepreneurial sector of the economy. Industrial hemp is the first giant step out of the fossil fuel economy and into the carbohydrate economy, based on renewable resources. Over 33 nations (including Canada, Germany, France, China and Great Britain) currently allow industrial hemp agriculture and have realized environmental and economic benefits currently unavailable to U.S. farmers and related businesses.

Some Elected Politicians, the Drug Czar and the DEA have decided that America can’t handle the hemp industry, we Americans can not be trusted to deal with the awesome responsibility of our own lives. Now they are promoting that there be an import ban placed on all hemp products coming into the U.S.

It is now time to shed the feelings of not being included in the process. It was an act of incredible corruption on the part of the Robber Barons, Congress and the President that destroyed the Hemp Industry in 1937 when America was at its weakest, let it be an act of super democracy that returns this magnificent plant back to the center of our attention when America is at its strongest. Register to Vote Now and have the candidates act with common sense.

Because only thirty seven percent of the population voted in the last presidential election and because not that many more did in the last one and the one before that, the elected officials and corporate interests in America have an incredible power over the general population. The campaigns only need to appeal to the most narrow of views in order to win and when you combine that with nine or ten other narrow views you have all the voting blocks you require to rule. Rule by minority while the majority twist in the wind.

Well, enough is enough, it is time to move the center of debate in America back to the center of the majority. It is time to take back the human rights we give up by not voting.

Every State and Federal Candidate’s official position on Industrial Hemp on Thirty Million Voter Guides distributed in every state and territory in the Union.

Sign up, volunteer, vote!

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