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Fourth Annual Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo

Posted on July 16, 2000

May 12-13, 2001

By Bob Lamonica, Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo

The 2001 Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo is slated for the second weekend in May, Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 12 and 13 at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Cruz, California.

The 2 day Expo Complex includes about two thirds of Church Street alongside the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium at 307 Church Street. Over 75 booths will be featured, plus educational and historical displays, a hemp fashion show, speakers and panels.

Booth fees and indoor/outdoor floor plan continue as set for the 2000 show. Last year’s booth locations for returning vendors can by arrangement be reserved for the 2001 Expo.

A Vendor Advisory is being formalized for input on show development issues, including a dedicated effort to attract additional wholesale buyers to the Expo. Buyer registration information will be made available to all vendors after the event closes.

The Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo provides a positive basis for public support of hemp reintroduction, with an open to the public trade show based setting that is well organized and effectively promoted. Now established as the dominant trade show for the developing hemp industry, vendors and hemp reintroduction advocates are drawn from around the world to Santa Cruz.

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