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Linificio Canapifico Nazionale at Expofil

Posted on July 27, 2000

Stoplino, Tundra, Zeus, Venere Soft and Ares blend linen roving with poliamidic yarns giving the linen a special finish, sheen and color. Hemp, the only natural alternative to linen thread is hemp can be found in their yarns Imperial, Quinsai, Napak and Whemp. Icaro, Silk blends with polyamide and wool in Nylin and Erica. Linen co-exists with metal threads such as steel, copper in Irony and Rames.

Linificio Canapifico Nazionale (LCN) developed three trends for the season:

Eko-Logical reflects man’s tendency to get into symbiosis with the surrounding nature. The most important item is the biological linen, “Bio-Flax” ecologically certified from its creation to its final development. Intimate blend yarns combine with precious natural fibers making them trans-seasonal. Cincilla is a fancy chenille in melange shades made with linen yarn and cotton yarn.

Urban Ambient creates a metamorphosis of neutral colors, light pastel shades and pale tones in yarns with crepe effects, designs of specific enclosed yarns and No Dye Zone yarns. Their technological development include twisted yarns with copper and steel and yarns with an “anti-crease” elastic component.

Primitive Comfort returns to the natural warm colors found in the elements of fire and earth. The proposed items include Hemp, a rough blended yarn also available in big silk counts. Single or twisted slivers come back to the origins of yarns. Melange and pre-washed yarns are presented in more or less bright, soft or vivid tones.

Koral has a particular cross-section which provides bright and sparkling effects on fabrics, and at the same time is extra-resistant to mechanical abrasion and creases in the fabric. It’s ideally suited for fabrics where light reflectance effects, handle and high level technical qualities are desired.

Therlon, with its hollow cross section, is primarily aimed at garments needing transpiration, thermal insulation and light-weight properties, while maintaining equal covering characteristics.

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