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3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase to be held October 4-5 2000

Posted on August 25, 2000

Memphis, Tennessee – Bast Fiber crops such as kenaf, hemp and flax will be a key topic of the 3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase held on Oct. 4-6, in Memphis. Bast fiber crops are used in a variety of products including plastic composites, absorbency products, nonwovens and industrial textiles and many more. Bast fiber crops are comprised of a central stalk with an outer fiber called “bast” and an inner fiber called “core” or “hurd”. Each of these two parts has unique marketing opportunities.

The 3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase will take place at Cook Convention Center (Oct. 4-5) for workshops and exhibits, and at Agricenter International (Oct. 6) for field tours of bast fiber crops being grown in test plots at the facility. Bast fiber crops to be viewed at the field tours are: Kenaf, Roselle and Sunn hemp.

Exhibitors at the 3rd Annual Ag Fiber Technology Showcase will include numerous bast fiber separating and processing companies and marketing firms. Participating companies include: Durafibre Inc. of Cargill Ltd., Fibrex Ltd., Flaxcraft Inc., Hempline Inc. and Stover Equipment Co.

Presenters at the event include:

Commercialization of Industrial Hemp in Canada (1994-2000) Geof Kime, President, Hempline Inc., Deleware, ON, Canada

Marketing of Bast Fibers to the Automotive Industry Hugh McKee, President, Flaxcraft Inc., Tenafly, New Jersey

Enzyme Processing of Flax Grown for Fiber Roy Dodd, Ph.D., Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

Properties of Industrial Hemp Fiber Research Nancy Kerr, Ph.D., University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada

Industrial Hemp Fibre Research at University of Manitoba Jean Louis Gratton, BSC, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Kenaf, Roselle and Sunn hemp Research Brian Baldwin, Ph.D., Mississippi State University, Starkville, Mississippi.

Other presenters will discuss various end product applications for bast fibers including plastics, pulp and paper, absorbency materials and much more.

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