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Democrats and Republicans respond to Vote Hemp Survey!

Posted on August 17, 2000

Vote Hemp

Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts — Today, Vote Hemp in releasing preliminary data of the Position Request Survey of Republican and Democratic Congressional and Senatorial Candidates they are showing with 4.5% return, 72.5% support for Industrial Hemp Agriculture in America. Democrats having a slight lead over Republicans in the Pro department. California, Pennsylvania and Florida are experiencing higher rates of pro responses out of all other states and in that order.

Let it be noted that when Libertarian and Green Party candidates for the Congress and the Senate are mixed in as both parties are Pro Industrial Hemp in their platforms the results are even greater with 25.2% reporting 96% are in the Pro Hemp category.

The survey was launched Aug. 6th. 2000 and will run through to Sept. 1st. 2000 deadline after which Vote Hemp will publish the online and printed Voter Guide for distribution in every district in the nation.

Lloyd Hart Vote Hemp’s national coordinator considers the Democratic and Republican results so far to be a great success in that these results show that “Industrial Hemp has come of age when it is being debated at the national level by candidates in both major parties. Which is really thanks to the entrepreneurs that built the American Hemp Industry.”

Vote Hemp, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to Industrial Hemp deregulation through voter education and mobilization efforts. The group was formed in June by several prominent members of the Industrial Hemp and Environmental movements. More information is available at their web site.

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