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HEMP — Healthy Eating Made Possible

Posted on August 15, 2000

A Holistic Cookbook and Reference Guide

HEMP, published this summer by Fusion Press, introduces hemp as the social, environmental, political and nutritional ingredient for the 21st century. Hemp seed has been fundamental to the nutrition of millions of people around the world for thousands of years, and now we in the UK can experience its benefits.

Author Paul Benhaim is a leading expert in the field of hemp nutrition and writes extensively on this rediscovered ingredient. It has always been popular in parts of China, Russia and Eastern Europe and now, as consumers seek out alternative diets, hemp will soon be on everyone’s lips.

The hemp plant has, in the past, been surrounded in controversy over its connection with cannabis. Paul Benhaim aims to challenge this negative view of hemp by showing how it can improve natural health and healing. The book highlights many hemp-seed-based products that will help everyone to make more informed choices about what to eat.

HEMP charts the fascinating history of the hemp seed from past to present. The book also includes some delicious and mouth watering dishes that are simple, fun and easy to follow, using widely available ingredients to create impressive and exotic dishes such as: Egyptian Sprouted Salad, Coconut Sambar, Vietnamese Salad Rolls, Apricot Fritters and Hemp Fruit Crumble.

This book is essential reading for everyone interested in inventive and alternative methods to improve their health and well being.

Paul Benhaim works with food companies throughout the UK, Europe, America and Australia, whilst advising farmers, acting as a consultant to the government in this country and abroad, and running a successful website.

Copyright © 2000, Fusion Press. All rights reserved.

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