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Tickle your fancy with fringe creations

Posted on August 22, 2000

Plays aren’t the only thing to be had at the Fringe.

There are loads of booths selling clothes and jewelry, and you can even adorn your body with temporary or permanent tattoos. Hair wraps are available from several vendors.

But be careful you don’t get caught up in that combination of Fringe fever, too much sun and several beers. It is here that you may find yourself buying items you’ll never don.

Hemp jewelry rules this year with $3.50 rings, $5 bracelets and $10 necklaces. It’s a cheap way to play. We found most of the other jewelry not worth the low-end prices.

The more adventurous dresser can head to Dregs, where you’ll find funky clothes and accessories like fun faux-fur bags for $35 to $40. It’s a highlight for those wanting to stand out and cry: “I am an individual.”

Just off the official Fringe site along 104 Street, be sure to look for the handmade clothing at Wassabi. Anik Descoteaux from Montreal creates some really innovative, one-of-a-kind pieces that are reasonably priced.

Even if you’re not interested in buying, it’s fun to window-shop, especially when looking at the avant-garde creations.

Illustration: 3 photos by David Niddrie, Special to the Edmonton Sun

  1. Montreal’s Anik Descoteaux models the cord pullover she handmakes and isselling for $45.
  2. Lisa Skawronski will sell you this groovy yellow hat for $5 as well as araft of groovy clothes and accessories at the Dregs stand on the grounds.
  3. Hemp is huge in Old Strathcona and costs as little as $3.50 a ring fromDown to Earth.

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