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Vote Hemp Sends Position Request Letter to the Entire Congressional and Presidential Candidacy

Posted on August 4, 2000

Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts — Its done! The position request letter has been sent to all the congressional and presidential candidates. This was a monumental task as we had to build data bases to mail merge and print these letters. We are exhausted but elated. I would like to thank the entire board of directors of Vote Hemp and HIA and the HIA membership for all of your cooperation in this effort and in particular my wife Namiko for doing all the work on the data bases. We would also like to thank all those who contributed funds up to this point for making Vote Hemp possible.

Now comes the really hard part, pulling political the teeth that will get these politicians to take a pro Hemp position. Starting in the middle of next week I would ask all of you to start calling, writing and confronting in public (politely) the congressional candidates in your districts on the issue of deregulating Hemp. Do not let up on them. If they do not respond they will still count the amount of communications they are receiving. Encourage your friends and customers to do the same.

We have also launched our first outside the Hempster Circle fund raiser directed primarily at people who have contributed to the democratic process on or about environmental and social issues. We are expecting a decent response. We will now be focusing primarily on fund raising, the voter guide, voter registration and promoting Vote Hemp.

Please find a sample of the letter sent out to candidates below.

Thank you,

Lloyd Hart, National Coordinator

Vote Hemp Board of Directors

David Brower, Earth Island Institute

Eric Steenstra, Board of Advisors Hemp Industries Association

Lloyd Hart, National Coordinator, Vote Hemp

Candi Penn, Secretary, Hemp Industries Association

Eric Lineback, Treasurer, Hemp Industries Association

David C. Frankel, 4th Wave Law

Legislative Council

Rep. Cynthia Thielen
Republican Assistant
Floor Leader
Hawaii State House

Rep. Jerry L. Chang, Democrat
Hawaii State House

The Farmer
The Environmentalist
The Industrialist
The Labor Force
The Entrepreneur

Working Together for Sustainability

Dear Ralph Nader,

Vote Hemp is inviting you to participate in our Election 2000 Hemp Voter Guide. Our organization has been formed to educate candidates and the electorate on Hemp related issues and—primarily—to identify and disseminate information on candidates’ positions regarding Industrial Hemp to American voters. Despite overwhelming support for Industrial Hemp agriculture among American consumers, farmers, and environmentalists, many elected officials have not yet examined the issue or informed potential voters regarding their position on the issue.

Industrial Hemp agriculture has a long and distinguished history in the United States. From the earliest colonists through the turn of the 20th Century, Hemp was a vital American agricultural crop for fiber and seed oil. Because Hemp can be grown without chemical herbicides or pesticides, its reintroduction as a cash crop in the United States is important to the economics of family farms and the environment. The American farmer at this time is aggressively searching for alternatives that will replace crops like tobacco and help stabilize farm economics in general. Hemp is used to produce a wide range of useful products, including durable and attractive textiles, nutritious foods made from hemp seed and tree-free paper.

For more information about Industrial Hemp, please refer to the enclosed fact sheet, as well as the referenced web sites. You’ll see that Hemp is grown successfully and profitably in countries all over the world, including Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain.

Many states have passed legislation supporting Industrial Hemp, and elected officials of both major parties are on the record supporting domestic deregulation. It is interesting to note that no candidate has ever lost an election for supporting Hemp legislation. We hope that you will also support Industrial Hemp, but whatever your position, I’m sure you’ll agree that voters in your area have a right to know where you stand.

Please take some time to consider this issue and return the enclosed form. Vote Hemp will publish a print version and a web-based version of all candidates’ responses. Thank you, and Good Luck!

Best Regards,

Lloyd Hart, National Coordinator
Vote Hemp

VoteHemp 2000 Candidate Response Form

Candidate Name: Ralph Nader

Campaign Address:

Office Sought in 2000 Election: President

Please choose one or more of the following responses:

[ ] I support Industrial Hemp agriculture in the United States and would sponsor legislation furthering that goal.

[ ] I support Industrial Hemp agriculture in the United States and would vote for legislation furthering that goal

[ ] I am undecided on the issue of Industrial Hemp agriculture in the United States.

[ ] I am opposed to Industrial Hemp agriculture in the United States.

[ ] I would like more information about Industrial Hemp, please arrange a meeting with ____________________________ of my staff.

Phone number ___________________________

Please return form via mail or fax September 1, 2000 to:

VoteHemp, Inc.
PO Box 3336
Oak Bluffs, MA
Fax: 509-692-7261

Copyright © 2000, Vote Hemp. All rights reserved.

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