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Bioneers 2000 Conference

Posted on September 2, 2000

Revolution from the Heart of Nature

When: Sunday, October 20-22, 2000

Where: Marin Center, San Rafael, CA

This conference will include speakers, panels, mixers, dinners, and organizing meetings on a variety of topics from globalization and the environment to restoring the feminine and native american vision.

Sunday, October 22, 2000 (2:30 pm to 4:00 pm): The Restoration of Hemp

Industrial hemp is a versatile crop that has enourmous potential as a source for environmentally benign textiles, paper, energy, oil and foods. Hosted by David C. Frankel who works with Woody Harrelson’s Tierra Madre hemp company. Join Tierra Madre’s Joe Hickey, nutritional specialist from Spectrum Organic Products — Rees Moerman, and irrepressible business activist Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), who has boldly put hemp in products and provocative ads.

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