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Hemp foods giving soy heady competition in nutrition, versatility

Posted on September 8, 2000

Santa Rosa, California — No, you can’t get high from it, and yes, it’s one of the most nutritious plant foods in the world. Hempseed based foods, according to the Hemp Food Association are functional foods or nutraceuticals, and are projected to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry. Santa Rosa, CA based HempNut, Inc. is the leader in sales of hempseed-based food products. HempNut contains 36% Omega-3 and -6 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), and 31% highly digestible complete edistin protein, making it second only to soybeans as the best plant protein food available. In fact, HempNut is higher in protein than beef, fish, and poultry. The amino acid profile of HempNut is superior to soybean, human milk and cow’s milk, and similar to egg white.

“Before HempNut, for millenia people were eating hempseed just like birds do, that is, with the outer shell,” says Richard Rose, founder and president of HempNut, Inc. “Not only is the outer shell dirty and not very tasty, it contains microscopic amounts of THC, which is not enough to get “high” on, but just enough to flunk a drug test. But since we removed the shell, HempNut is actually 40% more nutritious than whole hempseed. And, it’s very high in Essential Fatty Acids (“good fat”) and protein, and also vitamins and minerals. We find it tastier and easier to work with than soy, and it’s more nutritious. It’s so nutritious, we call it the “Soybean of the New Millennium.”

Using a patent-pending shelling process, the hard outer shell of the hempseed is removed, yielding a delicious seed similar to sesame seed in appearance, and pine nuts or sunflower in taste. Removing the seed coat improves shelf life, digestibility and palatability, and reduces darkening of foods. It also eliminates any minute amount of THC residue, which sticks to the outside of the shell, not inside the seed.

HempNut Inc. introduced shelled hempseed in 12-ounce cans, and HempNut Butter, which contains hempseed and organic dry roasted valencia peanuts and sea salt. It is creamy in texture and tastes very similar to almond butter.

One of the outstanding benefits of HempNut hempseed is its versatility: it’s excellent blended in a smoothie or shake, or in a variety of recipes such as baked goods and bread, crunchy seasoning, or roasted and sprinkled on salads. It can be used in any recipe using nuts, sesame or soybean.

Rose projects at least 50% growth annually for HempNut, Inc. His first company, Rella Good Cheese Co. (formerly Sharon’s Finest), hit the Inc. 500 list in 1993 with 950% growth over five years. Rose says he expects even greater growth for HempNut, Inc., and is planning to launch 14 new HempNut products by the end of 1999, including cheese, veggie burgers, chocolate, snack chips, energy bars, and drinks.

HempNut, Inc. was founded by soyfoods pioneer Richard Rose. With 20 years of natural food experience product development and marketing experience, he has won four awards for his work with hemp foods since 1994. He recently appeared as a guest chef on the “Roseanne Show” on CBS.

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