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Hemp US Flags Introduced

Posted on September 25, 2000

Tempe, Arizona — Fuel and Fiber Company, in partnership with Arizona Industries for the Blind, Lloyd Hart of Vote Hemp and Dadapop Magazine, and the Hemp Industries Association as well as the cooperation of many others, is pleased to introduce a new tool for taking America back from the privileged few! A truly unique and patriotic symbol of our struggle for freedom and democracy.

The first 500 flags produced will be numbered. Why? Research indicates there are no hemp US flags made in America today; a version imported from India may be available through Santa Barbara Hemp Company, but that seems to be all.

Thousands of US flags are sold every day. Most are nylon or polypropylene — a synthetic, toxic, petroleum-based Day-Glo, rip-stop, piece of junk that the petro-industry has forced down American consumers throats so much that many might believe they are better than those made of natural fibers like hemp.

Well, that’s about to change now. Soon the flag flying over our nation’s capital will once again be made of hemp! Handcrafted by American workers, it will have the rich texture and feel of hemp fabric and rich, warm colors using responsible coloring methods.

Ours will be the first hemp flags produced in the United States since … well, who knows — at least sixty years! So we will number the first 500. The owners of these first 500 flags will have participated in a historical event unmatched since the Boston Tea Party.

Shouldn’t your family own one of the first 500? Visit to get more information and place an order.

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