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Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Greens running for Congress are Pro Hemp

Posted on October 1, 2000

Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts — Today Vote Hemp published its long awaited voter guide publicizing the positions of all those running for the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the White House on the subject of deregulating Industrial Hemp Agriculture.

With Congressmen James McGovern (D) MA, Barney Frank (D) MA, Maurice Hinchey (D) NY, Tom Campbell (R) CA and Jim McDermott (D) WA leading the way in the House, Lloyd Hart the National Coordinator of Vote Hemp believes that Industrial Hemp Agriculture has a bright future in America. “We have started a wedge in Congress that can only grow as more of our family farms go under and consumers demand products with sustainable ingredients such as the oil and fiber that go into body care, food, clothing, paper and myriad of other products derived from imported Industrial Hemp”.

Vote Hemp is distributing the voter guide through a network of Hemp and Natural Foods Retailers, Vote Hemp’s State Coordinators and activists on and off campuses nation wide. On top of this Lloyd Hart is advising everyone that comes to the Vote Hemp site to “Steal This Voter Guide” print it out from the website and distribute it to everyone you know.

There is a Pro Hemp Candidate in most districts throughout America as published in the voter guide. According to its own survey Vote Hemp is finding wide spread support amongst 18 to 29 year olds and the politically disenfranchised baby boomers who make up a large part the present market for Hemp products in America. “We have been promoting voter registration around this issue all spring, summer and now into the fall”, Stated Eric Steenstra chairman of the board of Vote Hemp. “There is a voting block out there that cares about the environment and our resource dependent economy”, he continued.

Vote Hemp hopes to place the word “Hemp” on the lips of every American before this election is out.

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