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A Renewal of Common Sense

Posted on November 30, 2000

The Case for Hemp in 21 st Century America

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The controversial subject of why or whether to grow industrial hemp in the United States of America is often debated yet much misunderstood. This document will definitively present the hemp industry’s case with a discussion on the following topics:

Hemp is the premier and model crop for a new decentralizing agricultural-industrial trend called bio-regional economics, also known as the “closed circle” concept that has captured the interest of industrialists and environmentalists alike.

Hemp’s positive environmental and economic impact on farmland as well as rotational crops will illustrate the importance of efficient land use as it promotes political, social and economic stability, whereas wasteful and inefficient land use contributes to fluctuations and decay.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years in all areas of commerce and the story of why hemp cultivation in America came to a halt in the 1930’s will be told.

A market-oriented analysis of hemp’s modern uses will reveal its versatility and value as a primary feedstock for a wide range of industries.

The clear and widely recognized distinctions between hemp and marijuana will be addressed to dispel current concerns surrounding the legislative and law enforcement environments.

The broad political support base for hemp includes legislators, scientists, students, environmentalists, nutritionists, industrialists, farmers and consumers. Arguments as to why the present political winds are shifting with regard to cannabis along with the rise of the largest voting block ever will be addressed. With thirty-one other nations growing industrial hemp and the United States representing the largest consumer and industrial market for its products, America is poised to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity.

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