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Hemp museum releases collection of over 3,400 photos of wild hemp

Posted on November 10, 2000

O’Neill, Nebraska — This year, Brooks Kelly, Ph.D. of Hemp Museum took more than 3,400 digital photos of wild industrial hemp. The company is offering a CD-ROM packed with over 400 choice images of all-natural, pure Nebraskian hemp.

These plants are descendants of the USDA’s “Hemp for Victory” program and on average contain 2.6% CBD and 0.065% THC (an ultra low THC variety of cannabis). Also included on the CD-ROM is a full copy of the website, which is ideal for off-line browsing.

Hemp Museum is working in part with the Lakota Hemp Project, and a portion of sales will go to help support the Lakota Hemp Project.

The CD-ROM’s are US$25/each.

Copyright © 2000, Hemp Museum. All rights reserved.

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