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Natural parents choose cloth diapers and baby hemp clothing from What’s Hempenin’ Baby?

Posted on November 14, 2000

Dharma’s mother’s baby will wear BabyHemp clothing

Fredericktown, Ohio — Did anyone expect Dharma’s mother to receive typical gifts at her baby shower? Instead of typical shower gifts like boxes of disposable diapers and sweatshop-made clothing, the newest characters on popular ABC-TV show Dharma and Greg received unique clothing and accessories picked with love and care.

Where did the baby’s adorable layette come from? The earthy mother’s new baby will sport cloth diapers and clothing made of natural fibers, including the BabyHemp line of baby and toddler clothes and Hempers®. These products are earth-friendly and politically-correct, made domestically by mothers at home with their children or in family-run sewing shops. Consumers can choose the same line of clothing and accessories for their tots at many locations throughout the USA, Canada and the UK.

What’s Hempenin’ Baby? was founded in 1998 by Susie Little, mother of four boys, when she was frustrated by a lack of local sources for natural products for her infant and toddler. Little says, “I wanted to be able to look at products and try them out before I made major purchases. Shopping online or through catalogs is a frustrating process, as pictures and text cannot provide as much information as actually touching and seeing the product.”

Furthermore, she says, “I wanted to promote a more natural way of parenting in our community. By making slings, cloth diapers, and nursing clothing more available, I can help show new parents that there are other parenting options besides what we usually see in the media.” The business began with an emphasis on cloth diapers, and grew to include sling baby carriers, baby and toddler clothing, and clothing and accessories made for breastfeeding mothers. Many of What’s Hempenin’ Baby?’s products are made with love by mothers at home, and small family-run cut and sews. A wide selection of natural parenting gear is offered at locations all over the country in stores, in mail order catalogues, and on the net at

Hemp products are particularly earth-friendly, as hemp can be grown with no pesticides nor herbicides. Hemp fiber, which does not contain the chemical THC (the psychotropic chemical in marijuana), is also mildew-resistant, as well as stronger and more absorbent than cotton, which makes it especially attractive for use in the manufacture of cloth diapers. The hemp/cotton blend fabric used in Hempers and BabyHemp clothing is imported from China from a fair-labor mill.

Hempers diapers are made of unbleached 55% hemp/45% green cotton fabric. They are available in traditional rectangular prefolds, as well as snap-closure fitted diapers, which are shaped much like disposable diapers. The BabyHemp line of clothing features 55% hemp/45% green cotton jersey knits, with layette items including hats, tee-shirts, and one-piece creepers for newborn through 18 months, and toddler-sized tee-shirts, pants, shorts, jumpers, and fleece vests and jackets. Organic cotton products are also available. The Mama Hemp line offers maternity and nursing fashions, nursing pads, and sling baby carriers padded with 100% cotton.

Susie Little, owner of What’s Hempenin Baby?, the company that manufactures Hempers, BabyHemp, and Mama Hemp, is a work-at-home-mother with strong environmental convictions. “Susie has strong feelings about natural products, and refuses to use any materials that compromise her products’ integrity. All of her products are totally biodegradable, with no plastics or petroleum products used in their manufacture.” This attention to eco-friendly detail includes the use of 100% cotton thread and batting, and the use of organic wool yarn.

Cloth diapers are used by approximately 5% of American families, contrasted with 20% of Canadian families. Most families choose cloth diapers for assorted reasons, including lower cost (families using cloth diapers will see a savings of approximately $1000 over one child’s diapering “career”, and the savings increase drastically with subsequent children), less toxic chemicals, less allergic reactions, less diaper rashes, ecological concerns, and safety concerns. Today’s super-absorbent disposable diapers contain acrylate powders, which can be toxic if inhaled or consumed. Some children (and adults) have strong allergic reactions to these chemicals. Dioxins, created in the process of bleaching wood pulp for paper, are also present in disposable diapers.

Today’s new parents are becoming aware of a more natural lifestyle, much like that advocated by Dharma’s mother. As these parents make different choices in what baby products to buy, they look to smaller businesses like What’s Hempenin’ Baby? to lead the way to simpler, more natural baby supplies.

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