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Supporters needed for lobbying Health Canada

Posted on November 22, 2000

I’m writing to enlist your support in lobbying Health Canada.

Rigourous implementation of Section 3. (1) of the Industrial Hemp Regulations by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is now requiring that imports of all finished products containing hemp derivatives be tested in the “country of origin.”

This effects small to medium sized American buyers of Canadian grown hemp products, as the cost of testing is rather high. Most of Canada’s hemp buyers are in this category. As yet another cost of doing business, this enforcement hurts the Canadian hemp industry ability to create a market for its raw materials, as US-based companies will find it difficult to sell their finished products back to Canada.

I am sure that you recognise the irony of Canada creating its own trade barriers for its own hemp products.

It is out of the jurisdiction of Ottawa’s Hemp Office to change the regulations as written; Canadian and American processors and marketers have already spent a lot of time corresponding with Neils Hansen Trip of the Hemp Office since July of 2000. Nothing will change there. So it’s time to go higher up.

A conference call took place between some of the Canadian and American companies involved in this issue last Friday and the Canadian Health Food Association. The plan is to schedule a meeting in Ottawa with Dann Michaels, Asst. Deputy Minister of Health Canada for December 1st and push for a regulatory review. (Note that Health Canada promised a review of the regulations 2 years after regulation and has still not set a date; accordingly all their resources are going elsewhere) Ann Wilkie, CHFA’s Director of Science, has experience dealing with Michaels, and is part of this lobby.

Letters are needed from across the industry to support the CHFA’s efforts. Note that this is a small business issue and not a THC issue. We need to establish what percentage of business will be lost through the continued enforcement of section 3. (1) and to have a reasonable dollar estimate of what kind of market is being lost for the future.

The more participation we have in this lobby, the stronger our collective voice will be in Ottawa and the quicker we will move towards a resolution.

I apologise for the short notice, but responses and letters are needed by this Friday. Please forward me your information so I can include it in our lobby. Everything helps.

Please get in touch with me if you need more information. Please forward the info in this message if you feel it needs to go to someone not on this list.

Arthur Hanks, The Hemp Report

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