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Hempcar News

Posted on December 27, 2000

From the Hemp Car Crew

Greetings everyone and thanks for your support. As we end the fifth week of Hempcar’s campaign we are excited by our progress and by the many wonderful contacts we have made. After 5 weeks of 14+ hour days the website is starting to move. We’ve accumulated 32,000 hits and just made the front page of several large websites. Judging from the bandwidth we are moving we will probably have 8000-10000 hits in the next two days. We would like to thank everyone for the generous offers we have received and for the generally high regard that this project has had. FYI: Kellie and I (Grayson) have done all of the web programming, site administration and promotions thus far. Amy will be joining the endeavor at the start of the new year, handling west coast administration and promotions. We are still a long way from meeting our financial goals. We have to raise approximately $5000 by March 1st, and another $10,000 by July 4th. However, much of the cost of this project has already been defrayed by the generous contributions made by several key people. Read on to find out who is doing what. If we all work together Hempcar will be seen by millions, at a time when the future of hemp looks bleak…

Happy new year to all,
Grayson & Kellie

Hempcar fuel

We have been informed that Don Wirtshafter (The Ohio Hempery) and Sean Crew (Hemp Oil Canada) are attempting to procure the 400 gallons of hemp oil necessary for this journey. Don will then process the fuel into hemp biodiesel. This is no small contribution. The oil alone would cost $4000-$8000 at market prices. We then must ship the fuel, 30 gallons at a time, to various locations throughout our journey. Special thanks to Don and Sean for this tremendous effort.

  • The Ohio Hempery
  • Hemp Oil Canada

Hempcar press

Hempcar made several front pages this week, among them:

  • Nerdworld
  • Freezerbox
  • Kuro5hin
  • Cannabis Culture
  • We will be appearing in the March issue of Cannabis Culture magazine.

Many other media sources have contacted us. The details are being negotiated. More next issue.

Hempcar graphics

The car graphics have been donated by Hampton City Councilman Tommy Gear. Tommy has a printing facility that can manufacture the appliqués for the car sponsorships. This was a larger expense. Many thanks to Tommy and Gear-Up Printing.

Hempcar events

We’ve had so many offers for events that the schedule cannot be completed until all of the details are worked out. Naturally, we are leaning toward the functions that will get the car the most exposure. The basic route has been mapped out and is online. The problem with planning is to make the fuel take us everywhere that the car will be well received. Please take a look and let us know if you can help facilitate this voyage.

Hempcar sponsors

The HIA announced it’s support for hempcar last week. We are working out the details now. NORML’s Keith Stroup has stated that he would like to have NORML graphics on the car. We are working with Keith to try to get the car to the NORML 4.20 conference where we believe it will be a good attraction for the many participants and an excellent opportunity for exposure. Many other organizations have expressed excitement/interest in this project including: Several state NORML groups, the Green Party, Sierra Club, and many hard working individuals. Thanks all!

News flash

NORML to sponsor Hempcar, make financial contribution!

Hempcar streaming

The hempcar journey will be broadcast over the internet. This will allow everyone to follow our journey. More on this next issue.


Our webstats show hits from all over the world. Some of the more interesting:

  • US Gov 38 hits
  • US Military 85 hits
  • US Edu 1,094 hits
  • Israel 49 hits
  • Total as of 12/26 — 31,544 hits


If you have special skills (media production, web programmer, manufacturer, legal services) and would like to contribute to this project, please contact us.

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