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New DEA regulations

Posted on December 15, 2000

I have just heard that DEA intends to publish its new regulations in the Federal Register before the new Bush Administration takes over. Evidently agencies sometimes do this to get their regulatory changes into effect before the next president takes over.

The regulations will be devastating to the efforts to legalize industrial hemp in the USA. The regulations also will seriously impact or actually kill products made with industrial hemp which are intended for human consumption. This will include hemp lip balm, any hemp products which could be used to soothe nose/sinus, or anything that DEA claims could be “ingested.”

I also understand that the regulations will put a cloud over hemp body care products, saying if the shampoo or lotion user tests positive for THC, then the products will be outlawed.

DEA chose the time when people are celebrating the holidays and when Congress will be in recess to do this. Please fight back now to keep these regulations from being published.

Write and call Janet Reno to object. Do the same to Pres. Clinton. And if you have established some relationship with a member of Congress on this subject, contact him/her as soon as possible. One approach is to say these regs should be tabled to let the next administration decide. For you in the hemp industry/businesses, please stress the economic disaster which will hit U.S. businesses if they publish these regulations. And if you know your governor, ask him/her to contact President Bill Clinton immediately to stop DEA from publishing.

This isn’t much of a Christmas message — sorry. But I guess we should have expected this tactic from DEA/McCaffrey.

Let’s get to work!

Rep. Cynthia Thielen
Assistant Republican Floor Leader
Hawaii House of Representatives

Copyright © 2000, Representative Cynthia Thielen. All rights reserved.

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