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The Hemp Report #15 is now online

Posted on December 20, 2000

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We got the good and the bad in this edition of the Hemp Report. It’s been that kind of year.

You’ll want to check out our Year in Hemp wrap up and round up, our first Market Development special featuring new products of 2000 and also Feral Peril—written and FULLY illustrated by Dr. Alexander Sumach, Canada’s wit and wizard of hemp.

Also in this issue: Ethanol is on the table, first North American cultivars for Canadian farmers, what’s going down in Washington and much more, including Margaret Atwood (no she’s not a contributor yet.). Thanks to Martine Carlina, John McPartland (both on NAIHC) and Sasha Przytyk (The Benefits of Irrigation) for their strong contributions to this issue too.

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Full Table of Contents

Part 1: Top of the Crop
I) Saskatchewan to enter the Ethanol Energy Economy?
II) Three new seed varieties announced: Anka, Carmen and Deni first North
American cultivars
III) New regulations and regulatory rollbacks worry industry
IV) Infra-red cooking technology approved by Health Canada
v) PAPTAC forms nonwood pulping committee
VI) December’s Celebrity Hemp Awareness Index: Margaret Atwood
The Hemp Report’s Annum Cannabis 2000: The year in hemp

Part 2: Market Development Special
Market Development around the Hemp World
Bedding Deal: Can you fill this order?
Hemp is available here

Part 3: Agriculture
Hemp Field Notes from the Great AgVenture now online
The Benefits of Irrigation in FIN-314 Hempseed Cultivation
By Sasha Przytyk
FERAL PERIL- DITCHWEED 2000 Essay by Dr. Alexander Sumach

Part 4: Conference
NAIHC Conference Report I:
Realism key to the success of hemp
By Martine Carlina
NAIHC Conference Report II:
NAIHC needs to rethink its agenda
by John McPartland
Report: Functional Foods Update in Saskatoon
Canadian Hemp: Bibliography and Resource Guide
ABSTRACT: GC-MS analysis of the total delta9-THC content of both drug- and
fiber-type cannabis seeds [In Process Citation]
Working in Hemp Foods? Two sites to visit
Recommended: Sources of Web News
Upcoming Events

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