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Vote Hemp letter of appreciation

Posted on December 31, 2000

Dear Vote Hempsters,
When I brought the idea of forming a Hemp Voting Block within the electoral process to the Board of Directors of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), they unanimously embraced the concept — and a great many HIA members and ordinary citizens volunteered and contributed funding to see our vision come true. To everyone who helped build our momentum in the last election cycle and establish Vote Hemp as a player on the political map, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of Vote Hemp, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I feel it is important at this time to recognize the contribution to Vote Hemp by David Brower formerly of Earth Island Institute. When David resigned from the Board of the Sierra Club, his fire inspired me to ask him to join the Board of Directors of Vote Hemp. Thanks to careful nurturing by David’s good friend and confidante, Mikhail Davis, David agreed to join in our effort.

The one thing out of the many things that David gave Vote Hemp that we can always look to for inspiration is his June 2000 Hemp quote that we put in the press release announcing his addition to the Vote Hemp board.

“In the 1930’s hemp ropes helped us climb mountains said to be “insurmountable.” Today we need industrial hemp to help us surmount the much larger challenges presented by global climate change, toxic contamination, and the other hazards of our petrochemical-dependent economy.”
— David Brower

He gave to others even when he was aware of his own fragile condition, which inspired us and expanded our consciousness of how frail indeed the life on this planet we are all working to save really is.

David Brower passed into the spirit world on November 6th, 2000 and sits beside the great spirit gaining knowledge and advice for his return to Earth and the fight that he gave his every breath to. My colleagues and myself are humbled and deeply thankful to David Brower’s life in the arms of the great mother.

  • Lloyd Hart
  • Eric Steenstra
  • Eric Lineback
  • Candi Penn
  • David Frankel
  • David Bronner
  • Erik Rothenberg

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