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12 Day Vegan Culinary Arts Program Offered in Eugene, Oregon

Posted on January 3, 2004

Eugene, Oregon — Chef Al Chase, Founder and Culinary Director of The Institute for Culinary Awakening (I.C.A.), is offering a 12 Day program in Vegan Culinary Arts, January 11-24 in Eugene, Oregon, USA. This exciting and informative program features hands-on instructions, lectures, gourmet vegan meals, and much more. Our food prepared is Gourmet, Organic Plant-Based Cuisine.

Howard Lyman, LL.D., Founder of Voice for a Viable Future and author of “Mad Cowboy” states: “I am impressed by Chef Al’s dedication and commitment to teaching the public, emerging vegetarian chefs, as well as traditional culinary professionals about organic, plant-based cuisine. The importance and timeliness of this work on the planet today cannot be underestimated. I wish Chef Chase continued success and encourage you to work with and benefit from this dynamic teacher.”

Learn about how to prepare exciting dishes including Barbeque Tempeh Napoleon, Celebration Salad, Chocolate Raspberry Torte to Live For and more. Students have fun in the kitchen and walk away with skills and knowledge to prepare vegan cuisine — both raw and cooked.

One of the more interesting foods we will be working with is Nutiva’s hemp oil and shelled hempseed. According to Chef Al Chase “Hempseed’s oil and protein structure are ideal for vegans. I am also impressed by the quality of Nutiva’s offerings.”

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