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Alcons Introduces VR12 Speaker for Portable or Permanent Applications

Posted on February 6, 2004

Alcons Audio VR12 Speaker

Zwaag, The Netherlands — Alcons Audio has introduced the VR12 two-way compact multi-purpose loudspeaker, designed for both portable and permanent applications. Featuring the Alcons RBN601 ribbon driver (multiple patents pending), the VR12 is intended for applications where high output/high fidelity sound reinforcement is needed. Its specifications exceed HiFi standards.

The VR12 features a 6″ pro-ribbon driver with “Real-90″ horizontal dispersion for MF/HF and a 12″ mid-bass driver for LF. The frequency response is 60Hz. up to 20kHz. (± 3dB), with a peak power output of 134dB.

User flexibility was the main design goal. The asymmetrical enclosure and the 90-degree revolvable wave-guide enable the VR12 to function as compact FOH system, fill-in cabinet as well as (high-power) floor monitor. In installations, it also offers flexible ceiling/wall mounting. The cabinet is standard-equipped with 6-position fly-track, standmount adapter and single-stud tilt point.

Because of the fast transient response and the flat “ribbon-famous” frequency response of the RBN601, the VR12 excels in absolute maximum gain-before-feedback.

The RBN601 ribbon driver features the unique “HempHorn.” This wave-guide is made of a new combination of composite materials with natural hemp fiber structures. In contrast to traditional glass fiber horns, the HempHorn features the same stiffness as conventional (glass fiber) horns, but is characterized with a much higher internal damping (at same weight). This results in a so-called “inaudible” waveguide, without the well-known “harsh horn sound”.

The HempHorn for the VR12 is available in 90×40 or 60×30 degree configuration.

The VR12 is powered by the 2x 1kW. ALC2 (or 2x 2kW ALC4) amplified controller.

The SpeakerDriveProcessing circuit of the ALC offers dedicated protection and filtering, with remote system equalizing. By fully using the individual speaker components’ efficiency, the result is dramatically increased headroom SPL. It combines the output of an active-filtered system with the amplifier-saving of a passive-filtered system.

The SignalIntegritySensing pre-wiring of the VR12 ensures complete cable/connector compensation between VR12 and the ALC controller-amplifier, resulting in a damping factor of 10.000 for very tight and accurate mid and bass reproduction. Driven by the ALC, the VR12 delivers maximum sound quality with (4dB) increased headroom, without blown speakers.

The system is covered by a six-year limited warranty.

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