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Tilley Endurables Breaks New Ground with Its 2004 Hemp Line

Posted on February 22, 2004

Toronto, Ontario — Tilley Endurables announces a pioneering move into the world of hemp with two new hat styles made from the durable and sustainable natural fiber.

Extremely strong and resilient, hemp is resistant to UV light, mold, mildew and salt water, thus forming an ideal fabric for outdoor use. Based on the popular T4 and T5 designs, the hats are available in a natural hemp color and have a soft linen feel that requires no breaking in. In addition, Tilley’s hemp has been tested to a UPF of 50+, the maximum ultraviolet protection rating given.

“When you say the word hemp, it’s unlikely that people think of performance and durability, but hemp is actually the world’s strongest natural fiber,” says Alex Tilley, founder of Tilley Endurables. “Mother Nature has also made hemp naturally resistant to UV light, mold, mildew and salt water, making it the ideal fabric from which to construct a Tilley Hat. I’m known for putting Tilley products through the torture test. Hemp can stand up to the rigors of Mother Nature and it passed the Tilley test too.”

Alex in hemp field

Alex in hemp field

Tilley Endurables’ decision to re-create their popular hats out of hemp is a natural move for the company. Three times stronger than cotton, Hemp is an eco-friendly crop that requires little or no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.

However, the environment is not the only one that will benefit from Tilley’s new hemp hats. The world’s youth will also feel some support from the socially aware company, with a portion of each sale of the Hemp Hat line going to benefit Street Kids International and its mission to give urban youth outside of America, the skills and opportunities to make better lives for themselves.

Tilley’s new hemp hats will be available mid-March through selected retailers across North America. With a suggested retail price of US $69.00, insurance against loss or theft and a lifetime guarantee against wearing out, it’s no wonder they call Tilley, “the best outdoor hat in the world.”

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