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Cannabis for Fuel

Posted on April 19, 2004

Fairfax, Virginia — Fossil fuels are the United States primary source of all energy. Today, over 90% of all the energy used in the Untited States comes from the burning of fossil fuels. The side affects of the U.S.’s over use of these fuels has created numerous life time environmental consequences. With the burning of fossil fuels, harmful chemicals like sulfor and carbon dioxide are released into our atmosphere, thus creating global warming, and acid rain. A solution is in site, but government officials, and leaders choose to ignore one of the most economical ways of protecting this planet.

In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act was passed, which banned the recreational, and medical use of cannabis. I believe that this current policy is wrong for America, because the cannabis plant could be our solution to a clean and safe place to live. As most people know, there are a limited supply of these fossil fuels that we burn, and one day that supply is going to run completely dry. Our government needs to start thinking, and preparing for the future of its citizens. We must start taking control of this world, and not let it dwindle into despair, because if we do let our earth go, what are we left with?

The reason why the cannabis plant is our solution to a virtually pollutant tree atmosphere is because of the plants high level of cellulose content, which can be made into ethanol, and methanol fuels. These fules allow for a more complete combustion of hydrocarbons, providing a higher, lead free octane than the gas currently being used, and with less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. This is possible because of the biomass that the cannabis plant biologically produces. This biomass can be converted into virtually any sort of energy, and it is estimated that 90% of all energy produced by the use of fossil fuels could instead be produced from cannabis biomass. The cannabis biomass conversion to fuel and gasoline is at a fraction of the cost of oil, coal, or nuclear energy, so with saving our environment we also get to save money.

The cannabis plant when burned and released into the atmosphere only releases carbon dioxide absorbed during its growing season, which is just a few months. While, the burning of fossil fuels, releases carbon dioxide from millions of years ago, when the earth’s atmosphere was very different from todays. Also, it is important to note that the cannabis plant produces enought oxygen throughout its growing season to counterbalance all the carbon dioxide it will later put into the atmosphere when burned as fuel.

Before the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act, Henry Ford utilized hemp fuel for cars, and his first Model T was designed to run on a methanol petrol, produced from hemp seeds. Before 1937, race cars, military vehicles, U.S. farmers, and auto drivers used a methanol based fuel.

I think that America needs to stop being ignorant to the fact that there is a conceivable way in which we can save this planet. The cannabis plant should be used, because it doesn’t release dangerous amounts of chemical smoke into the atmosphere, like fossil fuels do. I believe that the cannabis plant ought to be America’s answer to how and why to break the oil ties to the Middle East. The FCDA have produced their biomass equation, and it shows that cannabis biomass is the most effective and potentially cheapest and most reliabe ways to produce energy. We should be running cars on hemp oil, and utilizing the 50,000 commercial uses of the cannabis plant.

My proposal is to take advantage of an effortlessy grown crop, and use it to the nations benefit. America should construct vehicles made of hemp fiber, that run on methanol gas. We need to be a smart country, and recognize that we are taking advantage of this world. As human beings, we do not own this earth, we are merely inhabitants of it. As a country, we should respect this vast territory and take care of it, and this starts with finding alternative ways of producing energy. I believe that my policy, to utilize the Cannabis plant’s benefits, is better than continuing to burn fossil fuels, coal, and oil, because it is clearly more environmentally friendly, it will save the government money, and it will also save money for United States citizens. Today, there are so many different types of pollution ou there, so why shouldn’t we take advantage of an inexpensive, easily grown plant that omits virtually no pollution into the atmosphere?

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