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Hemp and Flax Processing Plant Closes

Posted on June 3, 2004

Premium Crops Ltd, a specialist UK crop production company, has announced the closure of its hemp and flax processing factory located in North Wales.

The decision results from a combination of several factors, such as recent changes to the EU Common Agricultural Policy and continued delays in the establishment of sustainable markets in the UK for industrial grade natural fibres. However, increasing pressure from a landlord appears to be a major factor.

“We very much regret the decision as we continue to view fibre crops as a medium to long term opportunity, but the economics of maintaining the facility cannot justify further increases in costs at this time,” said a spokesman for Premium Crops.

The factory comprises a complete processing line for the extraction and cleaning of fibre from flax and hemp straw, together with fibre blending facility, fibre and shive baling and dust briquetting equipment. It is the largest facility of its type to have been built in the UK in recent years.

The complete processing line will now be sold off, either as a whole or as individual components, with the intention to remove all equipment by the end of July.

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