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Interview with hemp fashion designer Jenny McPherson of Enamore

Posted on June 23, 2004

Hemp clothing has received a lot of negative press over the years and the time has come to give this amazing fibre a serious style makeover. Hemp is one our planet’s most ancient crops grown all over the world.

This great versatile fibre is currently going through a revival and it’s market potential is being pushed further all the time. The industrial hemp textile market is expanding rapidly with new interesting fabrics being developed every year. More versatile than other natural textiles, hemp can be woven in a variety of weights from linen-like to canvas, and in a wide array of colours and finishes. The fabrics are luxurious and blended with other natural fibres such as silk, wool, yak hair and cotton, they feel great on the skin. Hemp fabrics are great for people with sensitive skin because of the lack of bleaching agents used in the processing.

Once a person discovers the beauty of hemp fabrics and their design potential there can be no return to ordinary cotton or synthetic fabrics. Due to recent breakthroughs in fabric technology, what many people remember as a rough unyielding fabric has become soft, supple and versatile. Hemp needs to be re-introduced to the public as a luxurious fabric and dust off its image of canvas sacks and saggy tee-shirts.This is the aim of a new contemporary hemp clothing label called Enamore.

Enamore is a creative hemp clothing label launched in 2004 by Brighton based fashion designer Jenny McPherson, her business philosophy is to design and create fashionable, beautiful, contemporary clothing from a wide variety of hemp based fabrics and recycled materials.

“When I first started sewing I would re-create second hand clothes and curtains and make new new shapes from old 50’s and 60’s patterns which I collected from flea markets and bootsales. I taught myself a lot of sewing and pattern cutting from vintage books.”

Based in Brightons fashionable Kemptown district , Jennys studio is chock full of finished/half finished and in production garments.” after leaving college in 2003 I wanted to find a way of incorporating my creative skills with my personal beliefs about the clothing industry and our culture of wearing things a few times and throwing them away. I knew this would be difficult to achieve if I were to seek employment within the fashion industry so I decided to work on my own business idea. I received funding from both The Prince’s Trust and the Fredericks Foundation to get started and set up my studio and I also have the support from The High-land Company in Scotland.” Jennys clothing range consists of inspiring timeless shapes which celebrate the female form without overwhelming the woman who wears it.

“Hemp is the design choice as it is a varied, durable and longlasting organic fibre grown without the use of any chemical pesticides.”

Jenny designs the garments to stand on their own in the way of style. The business hopes to promote change in the way we look at ecologically sound clothing. Enamore takes a view on clothing as something one should be able to wear each year without looking out of date. The aim of Enamore is to become a part of the growing network of fashion labels and businesses supporting hemp and organic farming around the world.

Jenny sells the Enamore clothing range directly from it’s studio based in Brighton and will soon be available from various independent retail outlets in the U.K. including The Hemp Shop in Brighton. The business is seeking support from the network of existing hemp/organic clothing shops and distributors as well as support from within the fashion industry.

Copyright © 2004, Enamore. All rights reserved.

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