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Nike Dunk Low SB Hemp

Posted on June 23, 2004

Excerpted from “They’ve got sole”

At Blends in Costa Mesa, California, Reyes and some 60 other Nike Dunk aficionados lined up at the sneaker boutique for the midnight sale of the Nike Dunk Low SB Hemp, released April 20, 2004.

Blends had only 65 pairs of the $110 limited-edition Dunks to sell. Four more pairs of the superlimited Hemp Dunks, called Bonsais (only 420 pairs released nationwide), were raffled off to be sold at $420 a pop.

“It’s just crazy,” said Jeremy Morillo, a sales clerk at Blends. “This is all through word of mouth.”

It’s the hype that fuels the demand, and shoe companies encourage that kind of response by releasing the sneakers in limited quantities. The demand has also created a different kind of collector, who resells the shoes at a much higher value for profit. There are dozens of listings on eBay, from vintage 1985 Air Jordans going for $1,000 to sample sneakers never released to the public for $3,000. The recently released Hemp Dunks were auctioned for more than three times their original price.

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