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9/11 Flag Created From Industrial Hemp

Posted on August 7, 2004

Two Somerset County business people are hoping a limited-edition September 11 flag they developed will put their company on the map.

John Maslak and Cindy Sheaffer created America’s County Flag Co. about two years after the 2001 attacks, which included the crash of a hijacked United Airlines flight that went down in the southeastern Pennsylvania county.

The company is creating 10,000 flags from industrial hemp. The flags feature an emblem, depicting the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and an airplane in flight, which Maslak and Sheaffer spent eight months copyrighting.

The first flag was put aside to be given to President Bush. Flag No. 2 was given to US Representative Bill Shuster, R-PA, in June, and Shuster is working on arrangements to have Maslak and Sheaffer give Bush his flag.

Maslak said 10 percent of the profits from the $500 flags will be put in a trust fund to benefit veterans, those in the Armed Services, and their families, Maslak said.

Maslak, Sheaffer and two others are hand-sewing the emblems on the flags, a process that takes about four hours each. Maslak said he’s negotiating with some sewing companies to speed up the process, but hasn’t cut a deal yet.

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