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Healthy Nut Butters Are Spreading

Posted on August 14, 2004

Hemp Seed Nut Butter is a Natural Peanut Butter Alternative That Offers Fresh Flavor & Nutrition

Winnipeg, Manitoba — According to a recent report from MarketLooks entitled the “Changing Face of Nut Butters,” more than 181 million adults in the U.S. use nut butters on their toast or in their sandwiches. While peanut butter is still the most common nut butter, the popularity of alternative natural nut butters is spreading. A natural and organic food trends article in the Spring 2004 edition of Natural Foods Merchandiser stated that “nut butters have shown explosive growth in the last year.” A group of all-natural nut butters including almond, brazil nut, cashew, hemp seed, macadamia and pistachio offer superior nutrition profiles, delicious flavor notes, colorful hues and creamy textures.

Consumers are turning to healthy gourmet nut butters in their search for low-carb foods, healthy protein sources, flavorful variety, and due to health concerns with peanut butter such as food allergies, pesticide residues and aflatoxins (natural toxins from a peanut mold condition). According to a study published in the December 2003 edition of the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the incidence of peanut allergy in children doubled between 1997 and 2002 to 600,000.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Nut Butter is a great example of the specialty natural nut butter movement. It is made from 100% non-GMO hemp seed nut (shelled hemp seed) grown sustainably on the prairies in Manitoba, Canada without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Their hemp seed nut butter is one of nature’s richest sources of complete protein (35%) and Omega 3 & Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids (40%). In his respected book, Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill, nutrition expert Dr. Udo Erasmus states; “Hemp butter puts peanut butter to shame in nutritional value.”

In addition to the important nutrients found in Hemp Seed Nut Butter, what it doesn’t contain also makes nutrition experts happy, such as: no Trans Fats, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, no added sugar, low saturated fat, no gluten, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors. “Hemp seed nut butter is the richest source of the Omega 3 & 6 EFAs of any nut butter,” says Mike Fata, North American Sales Manager for Manitoba Harvest. Although Omega-6 EFAs are found in many nut butters, many of those are not fresh and may contain unhealthy Trans Fatty Acids. “Hemp Seed Nut Butter is the only nut butter that offers a good source of Omega 3,” adds Fata.

Much like the many other gourmet food companies that produce specialty nut butters, Manitoba Harvest grows, processes and packages all of their own products to ensure quality and freshness. Hemp seed nut butter is a raw “living” food that is made in small batches. To produce the butter, hemp seeds are cracked to expose the soft, inner nut. The seeds are then run through a series of screening machines that separate the shell from the nutritious inner nut. The soft inner nuts are then ground at a low temperature until a rich, creamy texture is achieved. No other ingredients are used or necessary.

Manitoba Harvest hemp food products are made “fresh on demand.” When distributors, retailers or customers place an order they create the product fresh that day. All products are clearly stamped with a “Packaged on” and “Best Before” date. Freshness is important with nut butters, and hemp seed nut butter should be refrigerated after opening and then consumed within 8 weeks. All Manitoba Harvest products are packaged in light-impermeable packages and flushed with an inert gas to prevent oxidation.

Hemp seed nut butter has an attractive emerald green color, due to its rich content of chlorophyll, a powerful antioxidant. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Nut Butter is a creamy spread that is ideal for breads, bagels, crackers and croissants. It can be combined with herbs and spices to create delicious pates and dips, or can be blended with smoothies and sauces. Hemp seed nut butter recipes are included below. More hemp recipies.

In February 2004, the hemp industry won its 2-year old lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The unanimous decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit permanently blocks DEA regulations that attempted to ban hemp foods, and has greatly enhanced consumer interest in hemp foods. Manitoba Harvest products contain 0.00% THC. They will not cause a false positive drug test or a psychoactive effect.

The suggested retail price for a 10-ounce jar of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Nut Butter is $9.99. Established in 1998, Manitoba Harvest is a USDA accredited organic and kosher certified hemp food processor that demonstrates a commitment to quality “From Seed to Shelf.” They offer healthy staple hemp food products including nutritious Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil Capsules, Hemp Seed Nut (shelled hemp seed), Hemp Seed Nut Butter and Hemp Protein Powder. Manitoba Harvest products are offered nationwide by more than 1,500 natural food retailers, including Whole Foods Markets and Wild Oats.

Delicious Hemp Seed Nut Butter Recipes

Toasted Nut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Makes: 1 Sandwich
Prep Time: 5 min.
Cook Time: 2 min.


  • 2 Tbsp. Hemp Seed Nut Butter
  • 2 Slices of cinnamon raisin bread
  • 1 Banana


Toast the cinnamon raisin bread until golden brown. Spread the Hemp Seed Nut Butter. Cut the banana into slices and cover the Nut Butter. This is a perfect way to start the day. Goes well with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Nutty Hemp Stuffed Dates

Makes: 10 dates
Prep Time: 5 min.
Cook Time:


  • 10 tsp. Hemp Seed Nut Butter
  • 10 medjool dates
  • Shredded coconut to garnish


Cut open dates and remove pits. Fill each date with 1 tsp of Hemp Seed Nut Butter. Garnish with coconut.

This is a very balanced dessert that contains a good ratio or Essential fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

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