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Ruth’s Hemp Foods launches New Protein Blends at Expo East

Posted on October 11, 2004

Toronto, Ontario — 2004 Ruth’s Hemp Foods launches three new healthy hemp protein powder blends at Expo East, the giant health food show Oct. 15-17 in Washington DC. Ruth’s is poised for success in the US following the final successful battle with DEA.

Last February, the Ninth Circuit court issued a unanimous ruling in favor of the hemp industry against DEA, which attempted to make ingestion of these nutritious products illegal. On September 28, the DEA announced that they would not appeal.

The hemp seed is an excellent source of both protein and Omega fatty acids. Based on high quality hemp protein, Ruth’s Protein Power blends certified organic ingredients to add valuable nutrients to smoothies and baked goods. Ruth’s Protein Power blends use no chemicals in their production, unlike most soy-or whey-protein powders.

Ruth’s Hemp Foods is known as the foremost innovator in hemp foods. Ruth sees the new protein blends as starting where others leave off. “There are other hemp proteins on the market,” she explained, “but most have either lower protein or are not certified organic. And we have gone a step further by adding other amazing nutrients to increase the benefits of our Hemp Power blends to a wider number of people.”

In addition to the hemp protein, these protein blends contain sprouted dehydrated flax and maca, a Peruvian root vegetable. Known as the Incan Superfood, it has been eaten by Peruvians for centuries to increase energy and treat hormonal imbalance including menopause and sexual dysfunction.

Trialled by Olympian

Ruth’s top of the line blend, containing Hemp, Sprouted Flax and Maca, is currently being trialled by a Paul Osland, who represented Canada in Track and Field at the 1988 Olympics. Paul started to take Ruth’s Protein Power blend daily in early September. Near the end of September, he participated in a ½ marathon where he finished three minutes better than expectations and was the first Master overall. Paul said, “I felt like I had more energy, I did not experience the normal heavy fatique that sets in during the last 5K in fact I was able to pick up the pace and finished strong.”

Like all of Ruth’s Hemp Foods, the power blends contain no genetically-modified ingredients, no hydrogenated or transfats, no refined sugar, artificial preservatives, colors or fillers.

Ruth is sampling the hemp protein blends and other hemp foods in Booth 530 at Expo East in Washington, DC October 15–17.

Learn more About Ruth’s Hemp Foods

Founded in Toronto in 1999, Ruth’s Hemp Foods produces the most extensive line of hemp foods available, including bars, Omega Burgers® (soy-free veggie burgers), oil, salad dressings and SoftHemp™ (shelled hemp seed). They are widely distributed in Canada, with increasing US distribution.

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