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Patented Wonderoos Take Cloth Diaper Market by Storm

Posted on November 10, 2004

Monthly shipments explode from 400 to over 4,000 in ten months. Retail packaging, pricing and distribution are now available.

Vacaville, California — Wonderoos, LLC, the world’s only manufacturer of all-in-one, one-size pocket cloth diapers, announced today that shipments of its patented, supremely comfortable and convenient Wonderoos diapers exceeded 4,000 units in July — a tenfold increase since Wonderoos launched in September, 2003. The company now offers retailers the highest manufacturing quality standards in the cloth diaper industry, ample production capacity, retail packaging, and profitable wholesale and retail pricing.

Wonderoos appeal to modern parents who want the benefits of cloth diapers with a minimum of fuss and expense. First, Wonderoos’ luxuriously soft suede cloth inner layer wicks moisture away from baby’s skin into a pocket insert of super-absorbent hemp or microterry cloth. Second, Wonderoos incorporate a moisture-proof outer layer of soft, colorful polyester with moisture-proof elasticized gussets around the leg openings, eliminating troublesome leaks and the need for separate diaper covers. Third, Wonderoos are adjustable to fit most babies weighing 8 to 35 pounds snugly yet comfortably. One-size, all-in-one Wonderoos last from birth to potty training with proper care, and are interchangeable among siblings. The versatility and longevity of Wonderoos are not possible with products of lesser quality.

Wonderoos are manufactured in the U.S. using die-cut cloth for consistency, non-rusting resin snaps applied by precision industrial presses, serged inner seams for strength, and topstitched outer seams for a smooth, professional appearance. Weighing just over 2 ounces each, Wonderoos are the sleek, trim diaper that mothers want on their babies.

Mothers enthusiastically hailed the unique features and benefits of Wonderoos during product testing, resulting in an avalanche of over 400 orders during the first two days that Wonderoos were available!

“I thought cloth diapering would be a pain, but Wonderoos are so cleverly designed I actually spend less time on them than I did running to the store for disposables, juggling sizes, and mopping up leaks,” says Heidi who bought 60 Wonderoos and 60 hemp/cotton cloth inserts for her two children.

Wonderoos’ sales expanded rapidly through a network of more than 55 online retailers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Finland, France, Australia, South Korea, Germany and New Zealand. Retailers are besieged by self-styled “diaper hyenas” who snap up dozens of Wonderoos within minutes of their arrival.

Even on eBay, the notoriously cutthroat auction site, rare auctions of new Wonderoos sell out at list price and higher. “Gently used” Wonderoos go for 80 to 90 percent of list price, another indication of extremely strong demand.

A typical baby needs 12 to 18 Wonderoos at a minimum, closer to 36 for full time diapering. Many mothers buy 30 or more, and at least as many cloth pocket inserts.

Wonderoos are a powerful magnet for buyers of other natural and organic products. Cloth diaper users also tend to buy cloth baby wipes and feminine hygiene products, natural foods and health products, organic and “green” clothing, furniture, and household supplies. Wonderoos are an ideal addition to the shelves of natural products retailers, because such high-quality cloth diapers are impossible to find at mass merchandisers.

About Wonderoos, LLC

Wonderoos, LLC, was founded in August, 2003, by Jessica Burman, the inventor of Wonderoos diapers. Headquarters and wholesale distribution operations are based in Vacaville, California. Manufacturing facilities are in Gardena, California. Wonderoos has over 50 authorized online retailers in the U.S., 4 in Canada, 6 in the U.K., 2 in Finland, and one each in Ireland, South Korea, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Copyright © 2004, Wonderoos, LLC. All rights reserved.

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