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Eco-Conscious Retailer Builds Successful Online Hemp Shop at Home

Posted on February 14, 2005

Earth Friendly Network owner and eco-mom Amie Nguyen manages four eco-conscious websites all from the comfort (and sometimes chaos) of her Tulsa, Oklahoma home office.

Tulsa, Oklahoma — Children, pets and a spouse aside, Amie attributes her success to professional designs, top-notch customer service and a long journey of lessons learned.

“It’s like juggling. You have to be on the ball all the time,” Amie said. “There is no time for idle thoughts (well not much anyway). The children/husband/family always come first so you have to learn to let go of what needs to be done in other areas so you can focus on what’s most important. The balancing act never stays the same for long because each day, thing (the kids, business, etc.) are always changing.”

Life wasn’t always so hectic. Five years ago she never would have guessed what she is doing today — but she isn’t too surprised.

Amie created, and last year as a way to expand her target market from attachment parents and WAHMs to more mainstream consumers.

Through search engine optimization, participating on message boards, banner advertising and print ads in ezines and magazines, she built her sites to be well-known and respected. She attributes much of her success to the community.

Next week, she plans to launch a line of hemp food and oil. This will make her store the first to sell those products in Oklahoma. She hopes that her business and products will help increase awareness and use of natural products, which will, in turn, make the products more affordable for mainstream consumers.

“Unfortunately natural/earth-friendly products are not as affordable/inexpensive as convenience items found at mainstream stores,” Amie said. “It’s my hope that opening natural goods to a wider audience will create a large enough demand that it will become more mainstream and eventually more affordable.”

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