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Bill Would Allow Farmers to Grow Hemp

Posted on April 7, 2005

Salem, Oregon — The Oregon Senate’s committee on Environment and Land Use heard testimony Wednesday on a bill that would allow the production of industrial hemp. Supporters of the bill say letting farmers grow hemp would bolster the state’s agriculture community.

Senator Floyd Prozanski, a Eugene Democrat, originally proposed a bill to allow industrial hemp production in 1997. He noted that hemp can be used to make everything from lip balm to clothing.

Floyd Prozanski: You’ll see various different types of products that have been used with industrial hemp. And just to keep in memory throughout this process, when we’re talking about industrial hemp we are talking about rope and we are not talking about dope.

Opponents say hemp is not an economically sound crop and allowing production of it would open the door to legalizing marijuana. The committee is set to vote on the bill Friday.

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