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Event thrown for groups hoping to legalize hemp

Posted on September 24, 2005

Rapid City, South Dakota — Some people are pulling out all the stops to make hemp a legal crop in South Dakota. Today, they made their voices heard.

This event is called the Hemp Throw Down, a gathering for groups looking to legalize hemp. Attendees learn about the benefits of industrial hemp, while also getting the opportunity to buy everything from organic hemp meals to hemp clothing.

This is the fifth year the groups have met here, and promoter Jeremy Briggs thinks the event is building momentum.

“Yeah I do, I think that the people come here definitely learn more and more each year and get more and more excited about what they can do,” Briggs said. “And, as their buying power increases as they get older, they’re gonna be making smarter decisions.”

People there this weekend were also circulating a petition to get medical marijuana on the state ballot.

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