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Hemp Oil Canada Announces $1 Million Dollar Expansion & Relocation

Posted on September 20, 2005

Hemp Oil Canada

Sainte Agathe, Manitoba — Hemp Oil Canada has formally announced a major expansion and relocation of Canada’s largest producer of bulk hemp foods and private label packager of hemp products.

Shaun Crew, President & Founder of Hemp Oil Canada, was pleased to report the implementation of a $1 million dollar expansion and relocation for Canada’s largest producer and processor of bulk hemp food products to Sainte Agathe, Manitoba. Today’s announcement follows more than 2 years of planning.

“Our expansion was not only a desire, but a necessity” explained Crew, “We have basically out grown our present location. We want to continue not only growing our company, but assisting in the overall growth of this industry”.

Over the last three years, Hemp Oil Canada has experienced double-digit growth producing healthy and nutritious food products such as hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed, toasted hemp seed, hemp flour, hemp protein powder and hemp coffee. For the past six years, the company has been located in St. Norbert, Manitoba (the southern suburb of Winnipeg).

Hemp Oil Canada’s expansion involves the acquisition and renovation of four existing buildings (+10,000 sq.ft.) on a 1 acre parcel of land in the middle of Ste. Agathe, Manitoba. In addition to presently being Kosher Certified and USDA Certified Organic, the buildings will be renovated to meet “Food Grade” ISO and HACCP standards.

The expansion will also see a huge increase in Hemp Oil Canada’s “cold-press, cold-filtered” oilseed crushing capacity and the in-house production of hemp flours & hemp protein powders. Hemp Oil Canada will also be introducing an automated oil bottling line and a pouch/container packaging line, both of which will further improve our product quality, labor efficiency and production capabilities.

“We have always prided ourselves on delivering the freshest, top quality hemp food products in the industry” advised Crew, “We will now have the processing infrastructure and production capacity to meet the needs of not only our existing customer base, but also those prospective companies looking for a co-processor or co-packer that has the flexibility to meet their individual needs”.

The expansion renovations will also include the construction of a 3,000 cubic foot “climate controlled” cooler for optimum product storage and distribution.

Hemp Oil Canada was founded in February 1998, just one month prior to Health Canada re-legalizing the cultivation of Industrial Hemp in Canada, after some 60 years of prohibition. This year Hemp Oil Canada has contracted with more than 55 farm producers on the Canadian Prairies to cultivate some 5,500 acres of both organic and conventional hemp seed production.

Hemp seed is one of the oldest agricultural crops grown for many millennia by mankind. The seed has long been a staple supply of a complete, plant based source of protein and fat, in the form of nutritious oil containing the much researched and healthy Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Hemp Oil Canada is proud to supply these wholesome, natural ingredients to other value-added food manufacturer’s producing everything from hemp ice cream, hemp cereals, hemp baked goods, hemp nutrition bars, hemp butters to hemp beer.

“We are extremely excited about the future potential for hemp production and processing on the Canadian Prairies” said Crew, “and we equally excited about our companies expansion and relocation to better serve this exploding marketplace”.

The processing facility renovations will begin immediately with the relocation being phased in for completion by the end of November.

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