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EEK 70 million hemp factory to be built in Estonia

Posted on August 6, 2008

The factory, built in central Estonia, should start working in the coming year.

In the start of next year, the company Perfect Plant OÜ will start building a hemp factory costing EEK 70 million, writes One of the owners of the company Ago Siiner is still cautions about revealing details: “It’s hard to make precise plans.”

The general goals have, however, been set. This autumn, the equipment of the factory will be ordered, construction will start in the beginning of the coming year, and starting phase begins next autumn. The exact location of the factory hasn’t been decided on yet, but it will most likely be in central Estonia.

The factory will start operating with full capacity in 2009. Full capacity means processing about 15,000 tons of hemp fiber, grown on 1.500 hectares of land. In essence, the factory will buy hemp stems from farmers and process them to get the fiber. The fiber, in turn, could be used in many industrial sectors, from manufacturing plastic up to construction materials.

Perfect Plant has been buying and selling hemp seeds in Estonia for years already. Even before the new factory is finished, the company hopes to start pressing oil from hemp at the level of small manufacturers.

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