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Allergic Reaction to Hemp Foods

Posted on July 9, 2014

Types of AllergiesAllergies and food intolerance seem to be on the rise. Poor physical responses to food are frustrating it makes something that is necessary and should be enjoyable — eating — uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.

One of the unintended consequences of food intolerance is that it makes people think more about the food and start to dig into the science. This is a positive over the long run, but for most consumers this is a bit daunting as food science is always evolving and food reporting through the media is sometimes not as up to date as it can be.

Some of the most common food allergies include: Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Peanuts, Seafood (Fish, Crustaceans and Shellfish), Sesame, Soy, Sulphites (a common food additive, usually used as a preservative such as for dried fruit), Tree Nuts, and Wheat (Gluten). While children are very susceptible, many allergies can be outgrown as the body’s immune system learns to respond to specific proteins. However, some allergies such as peanuts are very persistent, and are difficult for most people to outgrow.

Is Hemp an Allergen?

Hemp foods are undergoing a contemporary renaissance. The hemp food industry has expanding steadily for the last 15 years, driving acreage and building the case for hemp’s cultivation in the United States. In today’s market, hemp foods are available in many whole forms including hemp oil and shelled hemp seed as well as ready-to-eat and lightly processed products including milk, fiber, breads, bars, granola, cereal, ice cream, and more. One cultural paradox is that while hemp seeds have a long global history of human consumption, a lot of this tradition has been lost due to cannabis prohibition. As a result hemp foods are still relatively unknown and so we have people with no modern cultural connections with hemp trying it in their diets for the first time. It’s understandable there may be concerns about this “new” food because of its relative novelty. But like the tomato and potato, continental foods that went global, hemp has a lot to offer the world’s diet.

Whole Hemp SeedsFor those who might need a recap, the skinny on hemp is that it’s a great source of easily digestible vegetable protein, dietary fiber and healthy culinary oil packed full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The good news to date is that hemp has no documented allergies. However, there is no reason to suspect that there will not be reported allergies in the future. People being a diverse lot, we pretty much have to wait and see.

Further, there is a difference between a food allergy and food intolerance. True allergies involve a failure in the immune system and can create systematic shock and be life threatening, while a food intolerance derives from poor digestibility or adverse reaction. Only 1-4% of the population has a true food allergy, but many more are food intolerant. One theory is that food intolerances are increasing as more people become reliant on processed foods in their diets. Food engineering to increase gluten content, increased fructose levels, as well as preservatives to add shelf life and other additives are developments that the body has not learned to cope with.

After 15 years, we’ve learned a lot about hemp and food reactions. Here’s a few common experiences ones worth talking about a bit more.


Hemp is an excellent source of dietary fiber, over competing bran, whole grains and peas, and some hemp food products like protein powder contain very high amounts, with 20 grams of fiber for every serving (30 grams is the recommended daily allowance). Given widespread reliance on highly processed ready-to-eat & food-in-a- box diets, a lot of people aren’t used to having that much good fiber. So it can be a small shock to the body. Some people find it makes their bowel movements more regular.

Fiber should be added gradually to the diet. The body needs a bit of time to produce the right amount of natural digestive bacteria. People aged fifty plus need less fiber — as a rule of thumb 80% of amount recommended daily allowance is considered sufficient for most.


Gluten Free Foods

Gluten is a common protein found in wheat and other grains like barley and rye. Bakers prize it as it helps dough stay together. However, the protein is an allergen hazardous to people who suffer from Celiac disease, which is a genetic condition related to the small intestine that makes such a protein indigestible.The broader health effects are challenging, as many celiacs risk losing important nutrients (including fiber) in their diets. While Celiac disease is uncommon, and roughly affects 1% of the population, it’s reasonable to assume that many people are undiagnosed. Complicating the issue Gluten has also been identified as a health culprit in the larger population, through such popular books as Wheat Belly, and the trendy proliferation of gluten-free diets, but the science on these sort of claims is disputed. However, given what we know about food intolerances, there is probably something to chew on here.

The good news is that hemp is verified gluten free. It is also reckoned to be complete protein. Hemp Protein contains edisten, which is similar to the human body’s own globular proteins found in the blood, hemp is extremely digestible. So not only is hemp a good substitute for other grains, it is also a better protein in many ways.

Do You Know More?

This is a short article, and we’re really just touching on the subject. Food and diet can be a very personal experience, and people have diverse needs and conditions, reactions and preferences. Global Hemp is interested in hearing more about folk’s reactions to including hemp in their diet: whether negative or positive. Let us know how hemp has worked for you by commenting below.

About the Author

is a Canadian writer who has been covering the growing hemp industry on a professional basis since 1997. He has contributed to numerous farm and nonfarm publications regarding the many aspects of industrial hemp. In 1999, he started the Hemp Commerce & Farming Report, later renamed The Hemp Report, as an online magazine to serve and promote the North American Hemp Industry.

72 Responses to Allergic Reaction to Hemp Foods

  1. Kevin Lord says:

    I’ve never had a bad reaction to any hemp foods and I think your title is misleading. Two wasted minutes looking…

  2. Hippie Butter says:

    Great article, we’ve never had anyone tell us they’ve had an allergic reaction to our hemp seed food products. Hemp Food is Allergen Free and good for the whole family!

  3. Dan says:

    Sorry to say that I have a horrible reaction to hemp products. There is no medical test for it here in the US, so one finds the allergy from trial by fire.

  4. christine says:

    I had a 9bar a few months ago and had a bad reaction to it as Im OK with seeds i thought it could be hemp

  5. Heather says:

    I too have an allergy to hemp–oils, seeds, fibers, smoke, live plants. People can be allergic to anything (though some allergies would be incompatible with life, like an allergy to water), but some allergies are more common than others. Hemp seed can be a wonderful substitute for people allergic to soy, but for me it is out of the question.

  6. Courtney says:

    I found out the hard way I was allergic to hemp, I drank a smoothie that had hemp milk in it and my mouth and taste buds became swollen and red and it became hard for me to breathe. I luckily didn’t drink very much and the feeling of being sick passed in about an hour. Which stinks because I’m also lactose intoletant.

  7. Stella Caughell says:

    Like several folks here who posted previously I have an allergy to industrial hemp seeds and hemp protein powder. Eating these hemp foods causes me severe vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and dizziness within 30 minutes to 2 hours of consumption. My GI track is then upset for about a week to 10 days after – similar to what some experience upon gluten exposure. I have never tried hemp oil or hemp milk due to the reaction I have to hemp seed. I am not (to my knowledge) sensitive to gluten. However I do have some mild issues with coffee, chocolate and some forms of dairy (I am fine with butter, ghee and fermented high fat dairy). I am looking for cross allergenic information related specifically to hemp as opposed to gluten. Thank you for the great write up. Hopefully more research will be done in this area.

  8. HollyD says:

    I just came home from the ER with anaphylaxis from all natural hemp seeds. No doubt it was the cause but I’m going to an allergist to confirm. Husband had the same reaction. We can’t be the first/only people with this allergy.

  9. says:

    Sorry but this falls short. I wanted to compare my current unpleasant reactions to people who shared a reaction. I do not blame the product for my body shop in ability to digest it properly I’m just trying to determine if in fact it was the culprit and not something else I ate yesterday or last night don’t be so defensive and help people

  10. says:

    OK thanks that was just the ticket, not my first reaction, or my worst. I had eaten peanuts all my life and at age 40 in best shape ever I had a Severe reaction to them. I lost weight and still struggle to find a food I love as much as peanuts. Dr told me it was my metabolism to bad. I did not get my hemphone oil here but you were the only ones to admit it is possible. I don’t want to give haters any ammo but it goes without saying just in case you are like me watch out for………your signs, we probably all have unique reactions. Thanks again for opening the door, merry happy day

  11. April says:

    Hi! A couple of months ago, I had pretty much the same reaction as Stella Caughell with severe vomiting, dizziness, chills… Took me a few hours to get over it both times. I had this happen twice, about 10 days apart and after the second time, realized I had eaten very little that day but a hemp seed smoothie. It took me so long to realize what might have caused this that I can’t remember if I had eaten the hemp seed protein powder before this and not had a reaction…?? Incidentally, I have not eaten it since.

    Regarding allergy tests and hemp not being a common thing they look at…I had just had a food intolerence test done through my naturopathic doctor and hemp was not one of the things the lab tested for. They tested for 80 common foodS and it was a blood test. The lab did come back with that I have an intolerance for broccoli, grapes, sulfites, cocoa, chicken (of all things!), and some food colorings. All of the intolerences were categorized as mild. I had none that came back as severe.

    But NONE of the above foods have ever caused any kind of violent reaction like hemp seed protein powder did. I would be interests to see what the blood test showed for hemp seed.

  12. lagirl says:

    Wow, glad I’m not the only one who had a bad reaction to hemp protein powder – I had read that hemp was easy to digest and everyone can take it but after three different attempts drinking a hemp protein shake and having the most violent stomach pains of my life, like on the floor writhing in pain, I’ve concluded that whether it’s an intolerance or allergy, I can not eat it 🙁

  13. Global Hemp says:

    In the case of hemp protein, … for most people the “allergy” or “pain” is actually associated with the high fiber content of hemp protein powder. The Standard American Diet (SAD) receives approximately 1/2 of the fiber that they are supposed to receive on a daily basis. This lack of fiber intake leads to constipation. When some user ingest hemp protein for the first time, they can have stomach or bowel discomfort. This is due to the fiber — which is acting as a broom — to clean out the GI tract. This has been confirmed from several customers over the past 11 years and verified with manufacturers including Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest.

  14. Global Hemp says:

    About the time I turned 18, I developed an allergy to eggs which caused severe stomach discomfort that felt like pens and needles. I then had terrible gas, so I stopped eating eggs. Five years later I visited a chiropractor who performed muscle testing to see what I was allergic to. My arm was held at a 90-degree angle and when I held a test tube of eggs my arm went limp. I had no idea what the doctor was up to. He later asked if I had issues with eggs and I replied that I did. He then performed an acupressure (not acupuncture; no needles) technique and told me to try eating eggs in 24 hours. I eat some eggs, but still had some discomfort. After a 2nd treatment I no longer had issues eating eggs. That was over 15 years ago and I could eat a dozen egg omelet if I wanted to. This is a form of kinesiology. One that is similar to what my chiropractor performed is NAET:

  15. Global Hemp says:

    About the time I turned 18, I developed an allergy to eggs which caused severe stomach discomfort that felt like pens and needles. I then had terrible gas, so I stopped eating eggs.

    Five years later I visited a chiropractor who performed muscle testing to see what I was allergic to. My arm was held at a 90-degree angle and when I held a test tube of eggs my arm went limp. I had no idea what the doctor was up to. He later asked if I had issues with eggs and I replied that I did.

    He then performed an acupressure (not acupuncture; no needles) technique and told me to try eating eggs in 24 hours. I eat some eggs, but still had some discomfort. After a 2nd treatment I no longer had issues eating eggs. That was over 15 years ago and I could eat a dozen egg omelet if I wanted to.

    What me chiropractor did is a form of kinesiology. One that is similar to what my chiropractor performed is NAET: I suggest that those who suffer from any type of allergy should look into this. Of course, it will not work for everyone. I do not know if I would have believed it had I not experienced it first-hand.

  16. shaakthi says:

    I am so glad I found this discussion! Three years ago I ate a cereal containing lots of seeds, including hemp, called “Holy Shit”. And holy shit it was; I was glued to the toilet for hours and had an anaphylaxis reaction.
    Fast forward, yesterday I sprinkled hemp on my asparagus. Probably consumed less than half a tablespoon. Went to bed shortly after eating and when I awoke I was glued to the toilet again. All day I have been getting waves of ill feelings in my gut. I am so upset this food does not agree with me!

  17. Global Hemp says:

    “One patient who ate hemp seed-encrusted seafood experienced the severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis,
    which affects the whole body and is potentially fatal, according to the
    review. (The man’s doctors later excluded the seafood as the cause of
    his allergic reaction through testing.)”


  18. Abby Schmitt says:

    My daughter is allergic to hemp seed products and marijuana smoke! She was prescribed to carry an epi pen, and knows if she does ever try to smoke she may die! The hemp lotion she used made her break out in hives wherever the lotion was put on, along with the skin, fingernails and toenails peeling off a few days later and lasting for about 2 weeks! Now we must watch what she ingests, they sell hemp seed as a food ingredient and you can buy 2# bags of it at the local Costco. Worried mom I am, this all started about 4 years ago and she’s 15 now. Her friends know of her allergy and know how to use an epi pen just in case. Most of the time she remembers to ask if the food she is to eat contain hemp products, but has that epi with her at all times!

  19. Pete Petri says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who has this allergy, and it’s a bit stunning to see an author write that there are no none sufferers of allergies to hemp. I have had app 1/2 dozen severe reactions (allergic, not discomfort) over the last 12 years, so t’s also not something new. We will need to be ever more vigilant, as hemp seeds as a more & more popular food ingredient.

  20. Elijah says:

    You’ll live. If you really cared about your time, you wouldn’t have spent another 2 minutes on your comment.

  21. slurmslurm says:

    I had a small amount of hemp hearts sprinkled on a salad for the first time last month and ended up feeling very ill and violently vomiting within minutes of ingestion. I will not be trying them again, that’s for sure.

  22. Aindrea Pease says:

    I had a sample of shelled hemp seeds at Costco and almost immediately after ingesting them my ears lips and throat got itchy. My face turned beat red. I took Benadryl and seemed better. I have no other allergies to food besides apples and my reaction to apples is minor compared to hemp seeds.

  23. Feisty says:

    Of the 3 times I’ve ingested hemp protein, 3 times I’ve become nauseated within 2½ hours and vomited until there was nothing left. I will not be having hemp again.

  24. Nohemp4me says:

    I’ve tried hemp powder, cereal, bars…everything make the needles come back and I can’t shit it out even though my body is trying to…takes me hours of pain like 5 hrs of stabbing pain and sitting on the toliet! Only thing I can do is sleep the cramps away or sit on the toliet…I think I have IBS so maybe that’s something to do with it but I’m scared of hemp because ive never felt pain like that and I’ve had a kidney stone…

  25. Nohemp4me says:

    Ya this is what I get the stabbing pain…I’m a 27yr old male but I could cry like a baby with that pain…tried hemp like 5 times in different forms and holy fffffffffff that pain in my gut and my stomach just like keeps turning and acting like I’ve been poisoned

  26. Xenia Rose says:

    I had a horrible reaction to first hemp milk, ( swelling, hives, rash on the inside of my mouth). I forgot about it and got myself some organic hemp hearts when I started working on my health this year. I was making smoothies and putting the hemp in them. something was making my throat feel like it was closing off, giving a rash all over my torso and making my wrists and hands swell. I single out each ingredient and when I left out the hemp seed for a week, the symptoms stopped and cleared eventually. so two for two, I am very allergic to hemp.

  27. shinetiger says:

    Well, this is good to see. I’ve kept myself very healthy over the years and was upset to see my body suddenly getting hives for no seeming reason. But something in me has been telling me to go easy on the hempseed whenever I use it. Recent changes in lifestyle made smoothies a good option for a few weeks. I used quite a bit of hempseed in some of them and started getting hives almost immediately. And they wouldn’t go away. Now that I’ve read your comments I’m going to stop using hempseed for awhile and see what happens.

  28. Drew says:

    Hemp is not allergen free unfortunately. I’ve had two bad reactions to hemp products before pinpointing the source.

  29. Arthur
    Thanks for this great post on something that recently came up on my website. The only allergic reactions of hemp products I had ever heard about was large fields of hemp growing and then producing pollen for a hay fever like affect.

    I had a woman swearing hemp oil and hemp protein made her sick etc. I would also lean towards a diet of processed foods and a body that is not used to or intolerant of Good Hemp Foods and Oils.

    Thanks again,

  30. Rhiannon Shostle-Wright says:

    I tried raw hemp seeds from costco yesterday and they were so good. I wanted to eat them with everything. I noticed that after eating a few bites my throat felt tingely and weird, I don’t think it’s an allergy because it went away after a few minutes. It was just really weird though, and my husband felt the same thing. I was just wondering what that could possibly be? I was thinking it was a reaction to putting something so healthy in our body. But I just want to be sure because I really fell in love with the taste.

  31. Carmen Diaz says:

    More and more people are getting very sick with hemp products. I think that there should be more research on this product to place a warning to the consumers. I feel this is negligence on the sellers part. Thinking of only money and not concerned for the public/consumers. I have Celiac and around 2 years ago I tried hemp protein powder for the high amount of iron it has. I became very ill; stomach and intestinal pain, nerve and muscle pain, severe heaches as well as nerve pain on my face. After 2 to 3 years, I tried it again and bought the Organic Nutiva hemp protein powder. It was even worse, I had the same symptoms along with pain/neuropathy in my thighs…This is outrageous, people do not blame yourselves, these companies have a responsibility to do their research and warrn consumers. This is corporate GREED!!!!

  32. disqus_mrD0kEYK2z says:

    I guess I must be one in many millions, because I am allergic to hemp hearts!! So bummed!! Every time I eat them I break out in hives on my face and neck. Of all the things to be allergic to! I am allergic to argan oil as well.

  33. Some Guy says:

    I’ve had two pretty serious allergic reactions to hemp. It’s not allergen free.

  34. Paul Baudier says:

    I actually just got out of the ER today due to ingesting hemp seeds. I am very allergic to it. It had happened before but as many of us do I looked it up and of course there are no known cases. But I can say you can add me to the list of people allergic to hemp seeds. I now have an epi pen everywhere I go just in case

  35. Rick says:

    I can eat lots of fiber from every other plant without a problem. Why is hemp seed fiber so different?
    It tears up my stomach!
    Also, why does hemp oil have the same negative effects as the whole seed?
    I think its not really the fiber at all. There is another component. I think the seed might need to be cooked or not eaten at all. It is great for making fuel, however.

  36. Leonights says:

    I am severely allergic to hemp foods. My throat closes, my whole body puffs up and uncontrollable itching all over . I can eat and smoke ganja though with no problems ( though I rarely do anymore). Does anyone know what in hemp products could be causing reactions but not in ganja?

  37. stephanie_o27 says:

    Same here, I don’t have any reaction to smoking or eating ganga, but I had an Anaphylactic reaction to eating 6 tiny hemp seeds the other day. I was very sick for 4 days.
    I did not have to do much digging to find that it is a known cross reactor with gluten and I know I make antibodies to gluten containing grains. Now I have one more food ingredinent I have to be vigilant about not getting into my diet.

  38. Cooper says:

    I just got out of the ER also with severe anaphylaxsis from eating a teaspoon of hemp seed ! I have never had anaphylaxsis in my life and i am in my 30’s….. I have a few tree nut intolerances but none ever gave me this reaction and so quickly after ingesting it

  39. Christine Scott says:

    I tried hemp seeds for the first time yesterday. I ended up in the hospital because of a severe allergic reaction. Allergic to tree nuts and most fruit.

  40. Molly Thornton says:

    I’m severely allergic to hemp externally, so I don’t try to ingest it…..especially since there is so little research saying the allergy exists. Sometimes the lack of research makes me question myself, because most of it is propaganda to advertise the great uses for hemp, yet I always burn and rash when exposed.

  41. Mel Mason says:

    I recently started using hemp oil, adding it to my smoothie. It had been raining so when I got these mold allergy symptoms I didn’t think a lot about it, but it has gone beyond what a normal bout should be. It has been about 4-5 days (taken me a while to figure it out) This morning I got up feeling great, then I did my smoothie (raw eggs, raw milk, One world whey, blueberries and bananas) followed by the regular supplements- Vitamin B, Curcumin, Iodine, and tinitus herbs. AND 4 drops of Hemp oil. My symptoms are headache, dizziness, body ache, itchy eyes, drowsiness. tummy ache, hot feeling on my face. Reading these posts I should be happy that I didn’t get it as bad as these folks. I am going to leave it out tomorrow and see if that works.. Thanks

  42. suteki says:

    Unfortunately it is not true that there are no documented cases of hemp allergy. My child is one who has an anaphylactic allergy to it. This has been documented since years before this article was published. Others are also allergic to it, too. I wish you were right and that he wasn’t really allergic, but unfortunately he is. Hemp-free house for us. I like the taste of hemp milk and hemp protein powder but I like my child more.

  43. Brian R says:

    I know this is 6 months ago, but I just wanted to know if your hives ever occured again after not consuming hemp?

  44. vlc says:

    Good article. Those with a suspected reaction to hemp should get a blood test and/or a skin prick test. It is also quite possible that the hemp you ingested had been exposed to other allergens and ( although doctors seem to deny it), rancid nut products can induce a strong allergic reaction.

  45. RaVen Sequoia says:

    Due to being celiac, lactose-intolerant – I wanted to try hemp food and I have intense reactions – burning of the throat… and I’m even allergic to hemp fabric – bought some hemp clothes and it makes my skin itch. Very disappointed I cannot eat/wear hemp products.

  46. Tim says:

    I just got back from the hospital after going into anaphylactic shock 15 minutes after finishing a hemp smoothie which was the first and only thing i had ingested that day and the first time i had ever had a smoothie with hemp seeds in it. Be careful people, i have never had a food or any type of allergy before.

  47. Tim says:

    No it is not. I just had an extremely reaction to to a hemp seed smoothie

  48. sharpie. nails says:

    Looks like I found this site a little too late .. I wanted to try hemp hearts , so I researched “some” & all I found was no known allergies . Actually I have been improving my health this past year. Lost weight & got off 2 of my 3 Blood pressure med’s , was working on getting off the last one. After reading the great health benefits of Hemp hearts – I went for it. After roughly 5 days my BP started rising . My mouth felt itchy & my stomach cramped up a little , right after I had ate them. You know figuring different food didn’t pay attention. If some of you don’t know , your BP can go up high or down low with allergies to food . So now after finding these posts, I’m going to stop them to see if I am allergic . Of course I have many allergies , so most likely I will have to add this one 🙁

  49. Dot Hamilton says:

    Me too….extreme vertigo, dizziness, severe headache and nausea….not safe for everyone.

  50. sirderek says:

    i have an extreme hemp seed allergy

  51. JS says:

    My whole mouth swells up when I drink hemp milk. Who knows what would happen if I ingested a lot of it.

  52. jimbo says:

    I too have had horrible allergic reactions to hemp protein powder. Ive tried it twice deliberately and once without realising the product was hemp based. Similar symptoms to those others have described: within minutes a tingly throat and feeling rotten; within an hour my eyes and nose are streaming and then I’m violently sick; anything that isn’t chucked up later comes out violently the other end! Bloody horrible stuff! :-0

  53. SnarkAint4Sissies says:

    Look you stupid homey, I would shove my foot up your ass but I don’t want to lose a shoe. Now stop stalking me and fuck off.

  54. Jeremy Goodell says:

    For the third time, my 13-year old daughter got violently ill from hemp seeds last night. She didn’t even know she’d eaten them, but it was listed near the bottom of the ingredients for a Peace Protein Flakes cereal. Each time she’s gotten sick from hemp seeds, it results in her throwing up 3-4 times about an hour after ingesting. I’ll definitely be searching out hemp in all ingredients lists from now on. Would be nice if it was listed as an allergen like wheat and nuts. I’ve seen PLENTY of people reporting this condition on various articles about the benefits of hemp seeds.

  55. Melissa Ambacher Schoenbachler says:

    I have the same exact symptoms as well!! I thought I was going to pass out from it. My mother and son are also allergic to it.

  56. Dot Hamilton says:

    Isn’t it good to hear you are not alone Melissa…. I was so scared at first about what was wrong with me as I had read about what a great food for health hemp was….so I didn’t associate with the hemp right away… was only after another few weeks of having green smoothies with this in it that I managed to isolate the cause……I had absolutely no idea it was the ‘cousin’ of cannabis. I do now know this to be 100% the cause as I have been fine since I stopped ‘using!!!’. Take care xx

  57. Barry Simmons says:

    Yes Yes Yes….two hours after drinking a smoothie I broke out all over…had to go to ER with IV meds…kept me over night. Went back to the place and they said the protein boost was hemp based. Never again!

  58. cory says:

    Unfortunately I am allergic to hemp as well. I first found out by eating hemp hearts. Various articles stated it could be pollen and unwashed hemp hearts. I then found out even more severely through hemp protein powder. The hearts made my body itch, I was sweating, throat closed slightly and I became sore in the throat with coughing and my eyes were red and watery. The protein powder made me vomit within 10 minutes and I also was it itchy with hives. It socks because the Omega ratio is near perfect for our bodies. You win some you lose some.

  59. Beadybonce says:

    Alas it is often histamine which is the culprit rather than an actual allergy. Seeds and nuts are either high in histamines or are histamine triggers. So if you suffer from histamine side effects, monitor your hemp intake. Perhaps buying hemp which is not hulled is better if you make your own milk? Then sieve it rather than use hulled seeds which made have oxidised. Either way, I had to cut it out of my diet.

  60. Beadybonce says:

    Actually its the histamine levels. The current fad for replacing protein with seeds and nuts will see more of this type of reaction. Hemp is not the wonder food we’d like it to be.

  61. Beadybonce says:

    A double dose of histamine then. Hemp and sea food.

  62. Beadybonce says:

    This is classic histamine overdose and the fact Benadryl sorted it out proves the point!

  63. Beadybonce says:

    No you aren’t! Lots of people have this reaction to hemp! Check out the histamine diet and see what else you might react to. Plus any oily food which is oxidised can become pretty deadly.

  64. Nicole says:

    After reading so many posts on bad reactions I’m so disappointed. :(( this is my second week making hemp protein shakes and I LOVE them! But I thought these headaches and nausea was bc the hemp was detoxing my body. But I have THE worst migraine and I don’t think I have experienced this ever in my life. Almost feels like I’m having mini brain seizures in my head. Is that even possible?? I feel like I should go to the dr. For blood work my body feels extremely weak as well.

  65. Bryan Clarke says:

    What was your symptoms?

  66. I_Heart_Slurpee says:

    I had a severe reaction to hemp hearts within 20 mins of consumption. Spent the day in ER getting a Benadryl IV drip. The doctor said that hemp allergies are more common than most know.

  67. M.Dillon says:

    Hi ~ Thank you for your article. A relative of mine sent me a box of vegan protein shakes w/hemp in it and, since I had severe reactions to its cousin marijuana, admittedly, I was concerned. You have allayed those fears. 🙂

  68. Kyle Reid says:

    Hi, I am allergic to hemp hearts. I have gone into shock, my lips swell up, body gets covered in hives and it gets hard to breathe. I now carry an epipen and need to go straight to the ER to get a steroid to reverse the reaction or I will likely die.

  69. Lindsay Bannister says:

    Surprised this article says no reports of it being an allergen…
    I’m allergic to hemp.. If I consume even the smallest bit my symptoms are coughing, itchy mouth/throat, blisters or hives in my mouth, and mucus secretion from my airways inflaming. So yes, anaphylactic shock symptoms. Glad I only had a tiny bit on the tip of my finger to try out the taste and had Benadryl . Reaction happened within three minutes. I’m not saying it means it isn’t healthy, I wish I could consume it. But I think anyone allergic to anything in its family they know of should avoid it or be cautious. It IS a weed. I’m allergic to weed pollens, so it could be why.

  70. Graham Ansell says:

    Everybody is different, Hemp seed, oil and protein gives me headaches and dizziness, but that’s just me body talking.

  71. Graham Ansell says:

    I get dizziness and headache, nausea too ..

  72. Åtgaum Engelskvold says:

    I have read these negative hemp comments elsewhere,with different names.All bundled together,like it was prob. done in a day.Someone is trying really hard to give Hemp a bad name.