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Berry Soup with Lemon Ice

Begin by making Lemon Ice:

4 lemons, juiced
½ bunch fresh mint, de-stem + tear into small pieces
3 coconut’s water

Freeze above ingredients in an ice cream maker. Mix well for a smooth icy consistency.

Make Berry Soup

4 cups strawberries
2 cups orange juice
1 cup medjool dates

Place all ingredients into food processor and puree. Pour puree into bowl and set aside.

Next blend Crème:

1 cup cashews
½ cup Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed
2 cup coconut water, from 2 fresh young Thai coconuts

Place cashews, shelled hemp seed, and coconut water in blender and whip into a smooth cream. Fold cream into berry puree, lightly swirling the dark berry and white crème together. Set aside.

Serve berry soup by scooping berry cream mix into 4-5 bowls. Top with lemon-mint ice.

Chef Ani enjoys this recipe as a perfect sunny summer treat. Soup will keep for 1-2 couple days in the fridge.

Recipe courtesy of SmartMonkey Foods
Copyright © 2005 SmartMonkey Foods

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