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Rearview Mirror

Posted on August 1, 2000

59 Years Ago: Hoping to find a way to avoid the effects of a steel shortage, Ford Motor Co. unveils a version of its standard production car with experimental composite body panels reportedly made from compressed soybean material. (Other reports indicate that the ‘soybean’ car’s body panels were made from synthetic resin reinforced with material derived from hemp and spruce pulp).

Hemp Seen as Valid Hawaii Crop

Posted on July 1, 2000

Hawaii agricultural interests and legislators including State Representative Cynthia Thielen (R-Kailua/Kaneohe Bay Drive), are studying the possibility of planting research plots of industrial hemp in Hawaii.

The Founding Swindlers

Posted on June 26, 2000

To curry favor with the imperial government, colonial land speculators usually promised that their schemes would lead to the massive cultivation of hemp. Almost nothing came of these projects, because Russian hemp remained cheaper and better for rope; but the colonial speculators kept patriotically promising to save the Royal Navy from its dependence on a foreign supplier.

Weaving Technology to Dye For

Posted on June 1, 2000

The technique of weaving cloth first arrived in Japan from China around 300 B.C. After archaeologists found 40 tectile fragments from the first century B.C. to the third century A.D. on the island of Kyushu, a Kyoto Institute of Technology team decided to use traditional methods to re-create the original silk and hemp fabrics.

Tough as Soybeans

Posted on January 20, 2000

Back in 1940, when Henry Ford wanted to test the strength of a car trunk made from an experimental soybean-based material, he stunned onlookers by whacking it with an ax. Mr. Ford may have been an eccentric, but he also was way ahead of his time in trying new materials to improve cars.

Buttons and Breeches

Posted on November 1, 1999

Archaeology at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, coupled with the third president’s fastidious record keeping, are opening the closet door on the clothing of enslaved Africans.

High on Hemp: Ditchweed Digs In

Posted on November 1, 1999

Miracle crop? Dangerous drug? Political football? Exploring America’s on-again, off-again love affair with hemp.

If You Think Hemp is a Drug, Smoke This Book

Posted on September 27, 1999

We published booklets, Devil of a Poison, and Second Hand Smoke: Butt it Out as well as the complementary booklet, If You Think Hemp is a Drug, Smoke This Book so that it is clear that there is a financially viable alternative to tobacco growing and cigarette production in Canada. We distributed a total of approximately 100,000 copies of the three booklets to CAW members across Canada.

Operation Eradicate

Posted on September 11, 1999

In the case of cannabis, even the most rigorous host specificity studies will not reassure some people. If the anti-cannabis fungus is now more effective, it could spell disaster for farmers who grow industrial hemp. These varieties of Cannabis sativa end up as vegetable oil or fibre and can be grown legally because they are low in delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component of cannabis.

Hemp Seed Oil

Posted on June 1, 1999

This perfectly balanced oil has an impressive list of proven benefits to the consumer. The product’s ideal balance as a cosmetic oil and as a fashionable ingredient meets the demands of the millennium’s market.